Brain Storming at the Phillips

Adapted from her original piece commissioned for the Guggenheim Bilbao in 2009, Ma had to condense her three channel work to work in the intimate space available at The Phillips Collection. Images from the video are captured and transferred onto transparent film and mounted on the windows of the bridge walkway connecting the gallery house to the Goh Annex. These add an extra dimension to the piece, the intersection between the two complimenting medias emphasize the concept behind the series.

The Phillips Collection are working in collaboration with fellow DC gallery, Transformer, and their exhibition ‘Ink Storm’. Artist, has worked as guest curator on the show, that takes a focus on the work of three Japanese artists, Chen Shaoziong, and who all incorporate ink into their works.

The Phillips Collection are continuing with this exhibition series into 2010 so we can expect to see some exciting works by both Barbara Liotta and Tayo Heuser, both exploring ‘Intersections’ in their own unique way.

‘Intersections’ exhibition series is being held at The Phillips Collection. . Brain Storm, Jennifer Wen Ma: October 15, 2009-January 3, 2010

Image taken from 'Brain Storm' by Jennifer Wen Ma. Photograph By James Brantley

Image taken from 'Brain Storm' by Jennifer Wen Ma. Photograph By James Brantley

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