Embassy Row: Uzbekistan’s Storied Home

The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a classically elegant mix of East and West with an long history and detailed design

By Ernesto M. Santalla AIA, LEED AP
Photos by


The exterior of the Uzbekistan Embassy. (Photo by Piers Lamb)

Before well-known local banker and horseman died tragically in thesinking of the Titanic in 1912, he had , an Ecole des Beaux Arts trained architect and a descendant of of France, design a stately mansion for him at 1746 Massachusetts Avenue NW. After it’s completion in 1909, Moore and his wife Mabelle lived there until Clarence’s untimely death. Mabelle Moore remained in possession of the house until 1927, when it was sold to the Canadian government.

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  1. It’s a stately mansion of huge proportions no doubt.

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