Society 2.0: This Week’s ‘Top Status’ Report

The Social ‘Status’ Report is in and this week  we find out the White House Correspondents after party that nabbed , Jessica Alba clicked at the Ritz, YGL’er likes fanny packs, insider reveals what Anna really thinks of bloggers, a veteran DC journalist does prom and this week America can learn from a legend lost! Follow me every week as I track the best online ’status updates’ made by this city’s top movers ‘n’ shakers.

By Angie Goff

@MSNBCAfterParty: Bradley Cooper, Alec Baldwin, Valerie Jarrett among NBCU’s guests for WHCD
@TaraEWheeler: “Young and the Guest List”… flap flops, stretch pants, crocs, and fanny packs… we call ’em fashion statements.
@GlamazonDiaries: Jessica Alba in Washington to launch Global Action Week Campaign

Nadine Namoff, Makeda Sackey-Saggau, Jessica Alba & Micha Weinblatt

Nadine Namoff, Makeda Sackey-Saggau, Jessica Alba & Micha Weinblatt

@WolfBlitzerCNN: My Washington teams, Nats and Caps, looked strong tonight — very strong. Nice feeling for DC fans.

@Corbett3000: Was just about to vote on the election of some board members for an .org – stopped and thought “damn that’s a lot of old white guys – WTF?”

@JosieLTaylor: Bachelors and Spinsters was a fabulous time on Saturday at City Tavern Club, with the after party at Cafe Milano, great evening!

@MsSpinach: via @cutblog: anna wintour on fashion bloggers “… the more the merrier. We embrace it.”

@CityGirlBlogs: Strategy for this evening: Mostly friendly with a side of bitchy! You’ve been warned ;).

@JaredCohen: Giving a talk w/my buddy Megan Smith today on intersection of tech and foreign policy, I plan to describe how I am a techno-pragmatist

Mom and Prom: Carol Joynt sees her son off to his first big dance

Mom and Prom: sees her son off to his first big dance

@MaryAmons: Is excited! The amazing is bringing Hosting Bootcamp to DC! June 19/20, Renaissance Downtown DC Hotel.

@mocurrie25 : R.I.P Dorothy Height. A civil rights pioneer. 98 years old! Its not about the years that you are on this earth but what you do w them…

About the writer: Angie Goff covers traffic, entertainment and social media for WUSA-TV Channel 9 in . Her blog Oh My Goff is also a daily TV segment that shares local buzz as reported by people in the community via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

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