Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

As Stephen Strasburg made his Nats debut, local restaurants created “Strasburgers” in his honor. At the same time, Obama’s college pad sells for $1,900 a month and the iPhone launches it’s fourth edition. As the DC Jazz Festival comes to a close and we kick off the World Cup (LET’S GO USA!), check out the top tweets from this week.

By Kara Landsman

Morgan Ortagus with Caroline Furukrona

with Caroline Furukrona

@MrDanZak: Holy f*ck, a hobo on Canal Street just asked me for 27 cents and I had exactly 27 cents in my pocket.

@KatieRost: is contemplating a blond Beyonce weave for July… I think its high time I get high maintenance.

@K street Kate: Hirschorn innovates with first museum iPhone app

@helena_andrews: #GLEE makes me wanna have a kid and be a cray cray stage mom. My time to be a prima ballerina/pop diva? Over. But Lil Helena will KILL IT.

@TommyMcFLY: “I thought my parents knew about ____ but it was news to them!” Mine was the old FAKE ID.. Yours? 1800.727.1073. CALL NOW

@OhmyGOFF: Stras-burgers on sale at 3 different joints!

@MattJLauer: Globalization bastardized: eating in “American Italian” restaurant, decorated in a Mexican theme, operated by Filipinos in an Arab country.

@TrippDonnelly: The World Cup’s Social Evolution

@dubfire_scitec: Must try not to overdose on buffala mozzarella

@vermontgmg: Guy near me @ Tryst says his goal is not to get arrested on his birthday this year. That’s happened 3 times in his 20s. Good luck dude!

@keekster: Obama’s college pad for rent. Not bad, two bedrooms in NYC for $1900

@MorganOrtagus: Meredith Viera told me I smell great! Haha

@pwgavin: Well, that sounds fun: “USDA to Host Red Meat Mobile Slaughter Unit Information Session”

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