Wine & Spirits: To Infinium and Beyond!

Infinium, an innovative brew, is surprising beer connoisseurs everywhere!


Dr. Joseph Schrädler and Jim Koch. Photo provided by Samuel Adams.

and . Photo provided by Samuel Adams.

Washington Life got a first taste of Infinium, a collaborative effort between Samuel Adams and Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery who have been working together for almost two years to create this innovative product. Scheduled to release in November for a limited time, Infinium is sure to satisfy the palate of beer connoisseurs and perfectly accompany holiday parties with its crisp, champagne-like taste and slightly spicy aroma. Although Infinium is a unique brew, it still uses the traditional four ingredients: malt, hops, water, and yeast. Make sure to try this new and original brew, it will be out for a limited time only.

Photo provided by Devries Public Relations.

Photo provided by Samuel Adams.

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2 Responses

  1. Marge says:

    I have tried to buy a bottle of Infinion and all the Liguer Stores I have been to only got less than 2dozen bottles. Why is this product limited? Will there be more made in 2011? Is this years bottle going to become a collector Item? My daughter was able to buy a bottle for her husband in Clinton, NJ. They only had 7 bottles left. Will you please respond to this e-mail?

  2. Dennis Tredinnick says:

    Dear Marge,
    I too live in the Hunterdon County area of Clinton. I couldn’t find one bottle either. Then with a little stroke of luck I found a small store in another county here in NJ with four bottles of Infinium. I bought up all four at a cost each of $22.95. I am saving them for a very special time. I sure wish you a lot of luck in finding at least one bottle for yourself. Keep trying, don’t give up. Life is too short.

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