Paint the Town: Art + Fashion at Nussbaum Opening

Artist premiered his latest work for an exclusive group of guests in the Newseum’s Knight Conference Center. A multisensory experience, the event combined great art with great food, music, and fashion.


Aureta Thomollari and Drew Nussbaum. Photo by Mike Selsky

and Drew Nussbaum. Photo by Mike Selsky

It would certainly take a lot to compete with the breathtaking view of Washington from the Newseum’s Knight Conference Center, but artist Drew Nussbaum managed to dazzle guests at the premiere of his work, his pieces outshining the beautiful scenery.

The event was a multisensory experience, with live music (as well as a DJ), hors d’oeuvres and cocktails by Wolfgang Puck, and several couture ensembles that beautifully complemented the artwork.

Nussbaum’s art, most of which had sold well before the night was over, was full of bright colors and iconic images. “It’s two things I love – doing abstracts and images,” Nussbaum said. “All the images are things that have been in my head since I was a little kid…Dirty Harry, Marilyn Monroe…it’s all that really crazy stuff that’s in my head, so I decided to get some really big canvases and put it on there and hopefully it’ll work out.” Working out of Virginia, Nussbaum is a locally based artist who considers himself new to the DC art scene.

Fashion blogger Aureta Thomollari of Aureta’s Blog provided the fashion element, carefully selecting six looks to go along with six of the art pieces. “We wanted this to be an experience, more than just another art show,” she explained. “We wanted to bring different elements and add different layers, and we thought they really complemented each other.”

Drew Nussbaum with his wife Meredith. Photo by Michael Kirby Jr

Drew Nussbaum with his wife Meredith. Photo by Michael Kirby Jr

Aureta Thomollari. Photo by Mike Selsky

Aureta Thomollari poses with one of the paintings. Photo by Mike Selsky

Photo by Mike Selsky

Guests enjoyed a DJ as well as live music. Photo by Mike Selsky

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