Fashionable Life: Runway to Beltway

SNEAK PEEK: Advice from veteran Washington stylists on wearing the latest European runway styles. 

Stylists Will Lawry, Shani Lawry and Stara Pezeshkian (Photos by Tim Coburn and Monica True)

Stylists , and (Photos by Tim Coburn and Monica True)

Sure, the European runways are chock full of beautiful, awe-inspiring garments. But can they be translated to everyday Washington wear? We turned to veteran stylists Stara Pezeshkian and Will and Shani Lawry to show us how to turn runway exotique into Washington chic. Here are their takes on six outfits for women across the board, from K Street attorneys to arts executives and Capitol Hill staffers. See the full story below, and in our November 2013 style issue hitting newsstands Monday November 4.

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