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Men of Substance & Style: Joshua Johnson

Johnson’s “national conversation” covers topics from health care to the arts, and yes, politics, too, but in a prolonged, thoughtful manner that is foreign to the now ubiquitous on-air cable news battles between political rivals.

Men of Substance & Style: Bill Homan

Homan helped launch Design Cuisine in the Reagan era and has since designed and catered some of Washington’s most high profile parties, including a dinner for Princess Diana and events at the White House and State Department.

Features: Mic Check

Jack Inslee’s Full Service Radio brings a rotating cast of radio shows to the lobby of the new LINE Hotel. Washington has its fair share of talking heads, but a new wave of conversationalists...

More Than Meets the Eye

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, helmed by director Kim Sajet highlights lesser- known faces ahead of its 50th anniversary. Thousands of portraits line the walls of Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, from a painting of Katy...

Social List 2018

The 23rd annual record of notably social individuals from politics, diplomacy, business, philanthropy and the arts. This feature appeared in the holiday 2017 issue of Washington Life Magazine.