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Society 2.0: Special WHCD “Status” Report

With jokes and jabs from President Obama and host Seth Meyers, The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner led to lots of laughs from correspondents and celebrities alike. Here are some of their top tweets.

The List: Balls and Galas 2010

The 2010 Washington Life Guide to the much anticipated Balls and Galas season Photographs by Clay Blackmore, Makeup by Carl Ray, Hair by Dyan Zurick Smith From left: Michele Berman, co-chairwoman of the Executive...

Prince’s “Killer Harmonica Player” Frederic Yonnet Jam Session

Prince’s “Killer Harmonica Player” Frederic Yonnet Jam Session

Prince’s “Killer Harmonica Player” Frederic Yonnet to host jam session at Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel; Headquarter Hotel for DC Jazz Fest 2010. Date: June 8, 2010 As apart of the evening, Yonnet will perform a set then invite other guest musicians to sit in with the band. This jam session presents a unique...

The Obamasphere: Champions of the Campaign

STEVE HILDEBRAND The South Dakota native served as Obama’s deputy national director during the campaign. A veteran of South Dakota House and Senate campaigns, he managed Tom Daschle’s losing re-election bid in 2004, Senator...