Diplomatic Dance: Learning English in Kalorama

by Editorial

I’m now married to a Cypriot who speaks the King’s English and happens to be Cyprus’ top envoy here. Through all this, I’ve developed a real appreciation for people who need to learn another language. It’s not easy. I know this both from being a student and, more recently, from being a teacher. I’m a volunteer teacher at Language ETC, a wonderful program that pairs community-based volunteer teachers and tutors with foreign-born adults, many immigrating here just as my family did; others, only temporarily here as diplomats or diplomatic spouses.

Language ETC (LETC), located in the leafy Kalorama neighborhood, works its magic as a wonderful non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of immigrants by providing excellent language development at uncommonly affordable prices. No ordinary language school, the 379 volunteer teachers donate over 15,000 hours each three-month term, speak over 35 languages and are professional teachers, former Peace Corp volunteers, attorneys, architects, homemakers and ESL professionals from all over the world. All are deeply committed to the determined foreign-born students from over 60 different countries and five continents who know that learning English is their ticket to a better life.

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