A Teatro Treat

by Editorial

One night in the kitchen with Executive Chef Enzo Fargione.

By Chris Silva

Enzo Fargione

Executive Chef Enzo Fargione

The chef’s table at TEATRO GOLDONI (1909 K St. N.W.) comfortably seats six and is situated with unobstructed views of the kitchen allowing patrons to watch executive chef Enzo Fargione do what he does best – create innovative Italian dishes. Fargione, who came to Teatro Goldoni in late Spring 2008, describes his creations as “personalized Italian cuisine.” He typically serves eight courses at the chef’s table, although he can go to as many as 16 if the party is up to it. There are also a lot of surprises in between.

For our dinner, my guest and I were first served a salty and sweet amuse bouche along with niçoise (potato and cold tuna salad) wrapped in a gold-leaf foil drizzled with tomato oil. It literally melted on my tongue. The second course was lighter and included organic summer tomato and roasted eggplant terrine sprinkled with a reduction of balsamic vinegar and accompanied by a side of basil gelatin.

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