Power Source: Introduction

by WL Author

The personification of the immutable ancient rules of power is evident in everyday Washington Life. Within the small physical area of the nation’s capital dwell the noblest citizens of any federation in history. The historical power of this great city has shaped the culture of every continent on earth. From the top of any of the seven hills in Washington D.C. each view reveals a millennia old historic Native American trading capital, filled with waterways that would later be swam in by a child that would grow to be a great colonial general and America’s first president. This President decided our home was the ideal setting for the seat of the grandest temples any civilization has ever built, the temples dedicated to the inalienable laws of the American people.

And the historical significance of our city will continue. The real power that is generated from these institutions creates a network of people who are united around a common purpose. The Power Source has declared a renaissance of Washington culture and examines ideas, people and events that define the progressive and purposeful essence of Washington, DC.

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