Power Source: Transformative Power

by WL Author

Eliot Battle and Michael Brown are helping to establish Washington D.C. as a premier cosmopolitan destination.

By Adoria Doucette

Council member Brown

D.C. Councilman Michael Brown

The strength of American power has dominated the world’s consciousness since the end of WWII. At every corner of the earth, people admire America. For those who understand history, the banks of the Potomac have been as influential and storied as the Nile and Tigris. Within the small physical area of the nation’s capital dwell the noblest citizens of any federation in history. During expansion, war, and industrialization, the nation’s capital fostered the progression of humanity, by leading in civil rights, technology, science and culture. Our capital city is the center of strong transformative power, best defined as strategically engineered excellence within and across specialized networks. The synthesis of ideals and resources of successful, purposeful citizens is where possibility meets change.

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