Music Notes: The Whigs, Live Show Review

by Columnist

The Whigs

The Whigs

The Whigs drew quite a large crowd, filling the venue with as much enthusiasm and energy as if it were playing for thousands of fans, rather than hundreds. A good mix of garage and grungy southern rock, it’s nearly impossible not to dance along to the band’s invigorating tunes. Frontman Parker Gispert was fearless on stage and exciting to watch along with drummer Julian Dorio and newcomer bassist Tim Deaux. The Whigs showcased a few new promising songs from its upcoming album, In The Dark, and without disappointing its loyal fans, played favorites such as “Production City,” “Like A Vibration” and “Right Hand on My Heart.”

The band’s third album will be released in March, and is expected to grab even more attention than its 2008 predecessor, Mission Control. You can download two new tracks free of charge on the band’s web site. For those of you who have been to one of its shows, you understand that seeing The Whigs play is not something you do once. Like an old friend, you make it a point to see them every time they come to town, and that’s that.

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