2010 The Young and The Guest List

Washington Life’s guide to the capital’s most influential under 40 residents in 2010

Mayor Adrian and Michelle Fenty at The Kennedy Center Honors.

Mayor Adrian and Michelle Fenty at The Kennedy Center Honors.

Our annual Young & The Guest List feature is known for containing the names of accomplished, dynamic, and successful Washingtonians, all under 40 and devoted to making the nation’s capital a place that attracts (and keeps) the best and the brightest. This fifth annual compilation is no exception. During the past year, myriad political and economic events have made waves far beyond the Beltway and more than a few of our players have gotten bigger headlines than seasoned veterans. Our president, after all, is only eight years past the eligibility cutoff to have been listed himself. Many of his young staff included here, have quickly become fixtures in the White House and halls of Congress, to say nothing of the social scene. We have numerous “change makers” from the government, along with major players in the arts and sciences, journalism and business as well as the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. In the spirit of the famous Irish proverb, “praise youth and it will prosper,” we share with you 250-plus men and women who dare to dream big and act even bigger.

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37 Responses

  1. loser says:

    Wow, awesome list. Really original. Amazed i’m not on there! BOOOO HOOOOOOO

  2. Juliana says:

    I Love Aureta! You guys are so cool for recognizing one of the best fashion bloggers ever!


  3. Walter says:

    Lovely List! Perhaps, next year I’ll grace the list!

  4. xyz says:

    Umm….there are some people on this list that are definitely OVER 40 that should be removed. Lies, lies, lies…

  5. Donna says:

    Missing caption for Ms. Dominique Dawes.

  6. OnTheList says:

    Who is Aureta Thomollari? And what does she do (besides shop and travel, according to her blog) to warrant her name on the same list with me? Lame.

  7. Selsks says:

    Congrats Aureta! We love your vision!

  8. Fashionista says:

    I’m not “on the list,” but I find Aureta’s blog…well, simply put, I think it should be titled “I’m a label whore.” While I may never be able to afford the same clothes and same lifestyle, I am not jealous of her style because quite frankly, ANYONE could copy runway looks and put together an outfit if they had her money (which apparently is inherited?)…gimme her money and I’ll give it to THOUSANDS of other fashionable women on the streets of NYC, Paris, Milan, and London who would rock those labels harder and better…for less than a tenth of the money that Aureta spends on her wardrobe.

    I’d be much more impressed with someone who rocks H&M and F21 and American Apparel given their means than with someone who has lotsa money and can rock all the designer brands. Maybe that’s why Aureta’s looks aren’t being hyped on lookbook.nu. Instead it’s all the teenagers rocking H&M and F21 in really interesting and ways that are getting all the compliments and are being noticed by the designers themselves!


  9. TaeMann says:

    LOL! As with any list, you will have your naysayers, your supporters and your detractors. Seems to me like the people focusing on this Aureta are exactly the types that keep DC in the dungeon of fashion: the detractors.

    So she has money and is living a fab life and NOT wearing Forever 21, BIG DEAL. The idea of this list is to cite the movers and shakers in DC and clearly we need someone like this to shake up the stodgy, low-brow fashion scene DC has dug itself into. Reading through her blog, it’s clear that she has an appreciation for all things FINE, a certain refinement that is clearly lacking in this country’s capital. Why not support someone who can bring notoriety to our city as a place that has hip, cool people? People that don’t just work the gov 9-5 and deal in bitter politics, but that actually fly to Aspen for a good round of skiing? Or, collect works of legendary designers like Vittadini? (Who knew this would be a clamor for diversity? Ha!)

    And was it me or did I see her with Vera Wang? Clearly SOMEONE is recognizing her. And what has she done to be on the same list with me? Clearly, exist! Ha, and people are hating it! Whoever this Aureta is, I am glad that she is ruffling feathers of the supposed DC “fashion intelligentsia” and the supposed “social set.” Grow up DC, you might have gotten rid of Desiree Rogers, but style and taste will yet prevail!

  10. Q says:

    Wow “Fashionista”, would you like to sit down and talk about it? Here’s my suggestion, pop a Xanax and chase it with a heaping flute of Vueve. After that you’ll forget about my girl Aureta making the list and not you. Anyways, “real” fashion is about mixing high and low end. Wearing H&M and Zara is only low, which means we’re missing something, which means we have a problem. Where do you think all of those trends at H&M and Forever 21 come from? It all starts with high end fashion and trickles down (Trickle down theory). If you actually follow Aureta’s blog, you’d now that she adores vintage. Most of the time she’s wearing a $20 dress from a consignment shop. Yes she does wear it with a $15,000 Balmain jacket, and that my friend is called “FASHION”. (I hope you’re taking notes, there will be a quiz…)

    So funny! You little girls watched ‘A Devil Wears Prada’, and now you think you’re Anna Wintour? Please? Do you even know what The House of Lesage is? (waiting) That’s what I thought? You can google it now.

    Aureta, I’m so proud of you, you rock my world! Lunch tomorrow? Besos!

  11. xxy says:

    Ha, Who is Aureta and why is she on the this list??? Clearly she has a friend on the inside that felt she was worthy?? and why? Because she shops and travels….hahaha “Inherited”, I’m sure she wishes she came from money!! This is what we call “New money,” or travels/shops on somebody elses dime…assuming a man! Please, I would call this person a waiste of space. What charities/buisnesses/political views do you have other than writing a silly little blog that just screams….Bragger! And who really appreciates this???

  12. Lina Scheynius says:

    Actually, Aureta paints. I have several of her pieces gracing my home and studio. I have paid her good money for them, so I know that she works for what she has. She is really diligent and highly intelligent. I feel blessed to have had interactions with this wonderful woman. Congrats and thank you for making DC brighter Aureta. It makes sense that you are on this list.

    To answer your charities question… Aureta and I met at a Refugees Fundraiser which she single-handedly spearheaded! and Who the F cares about political views? Why should she make hers public?

    As far as bragging goes… why the hell not? Her life is fun! She gives people an escape. There is so much substance in her blog. Not only through fashion, color, fearlessness and writing… but also in depth and inspiration. She has endless fans who love her and appreciate her.
    So what I am really curious about is why “xxy” is so miserable? and Why “xxy” isn’t brave enough to put up their name?

  13. Fashionista says:

    She had dinner with Vera Wang. Wow. Sooooooo jealous…not. Vera Wang can’t even get a “high five” back from Andre Leon Talley these days.

    Did you check out Lookbook.nu? Her looks aren’t being hyped for a reason…and it’s not because she doesn’t shop at F21 and H&M. Fact is, no one is impressed with a label whore no matter how fabulous her clothes are. (Personally, I love her vintage Chanel dress and that Balmain jacket is pretty fab.) Maybe all of Aureta’s supporters on here should sign up for a lookbook account and start hyping her looks to increase her stats because the rest of the world doesn’t seem to care about someone who has the money to just go and buy up what Kate Moss was seen wearing…back in 2004. I know at least a dozen other bloggers who wear their YSL Tribute pumps (who doesn’t have these?), Christian Louboutins, Ashish for Topshop leopard wedges (again, who doesn’t have these?) and Alexander Wang tshirt dresses and carry their Chanel clutches and Birkins with more class and sophistication than she does. And I know at least 100 other bloggers with their F21 and H&M ensembles who are more cutting edge and inspiring than she is. Face it, your friend Aureta’s style is not very unique at all. And when she does try to be unique (cape with dead peacock feathers, anyone?) she fails miserably.

    I’m wondering the same thing as OnTheList and xxy… since when does shopping and traveling the world with inherited money = worthy of applause? And don’t even get me started on her ridiculous poses. I can just picture it. “Can you please take a picture of me in this Chanel sweater and Balenciaga pants and Gucci jacket while I pose on this ledge like a wannabe model? Oh, and don’t forget to get a shot of my YSL heels, Hermes bracelet and the Birkin! Do you think I’m wearing too many labels at once?” LOL.

    Lina Scheynius, I’m not trying to be mean…but were you being serious when you wrote, “There is so much substance in her blog.”? And you probably watch America’s Next Top Model and Jersey Shore, right? Right.

  14. DevonB says:

    All of this back and forth over just ONE person on the list??? Bravo Fashionista, you are obviously trying to give Aureta her hits and publicity. You’ve won. Game over, move on.

  15. Fashionista says:

    DevonB, I’m not trying to help Aureta or direct traffic to her blog! But I may be inadvertently guilty of what you accuse me of doing! LOL

    At the same time, I’m not trying to hurt her either. (I don’t know if she’s read the comments here, but she’ll probably just roll her eyes and chalk it up to jealousy anyway, so what do I care what she thinks?) I’m just calling a spade a spade…a label whore a label whore.

  16. Vero says:

    Congrats A, watch out DC! see you soon:)

    “shake the haters off”…

  17. M. Davis II says:

    I’m not going to address the hating or anything of the sort; however, I will address grammar, tact, class and progression. Fashionista, if you are indeed a student and purveyor of good fashion, you will know that Aaureta’s looks have little to do with any one particular runway. You will also know that style and fashion are two different things and should not be used interchangeably. Aureta’s looks incorporate what is current and upcoming with what is personal. Note the ease with which she personalized pieces from Opening Ceremony and Wang with equal ease. Style channeled through fashion. One aforementioned post noted her collection of vintage pieces, which, by chance happen not to be on any recent runway. Your valid point is that style and fashion conscious people are located everywhere, and many have not the means by which to express their knowledge or drive. However apparent this truth, it is akin to asking who was Albert Einstein with disdain. Citing that there are many intellectually gifted people that haven’t the outlet, funding, or channeling method by which to direct and display their gift(s). The sky also appears to be different colors throughout the day, Brown Bears are in fact brown, and most humans walk upright. None of this has any impact on the fusion of finance, the penchant for all manner of luxury, passion for design manifest through the manipulation of wearable art, and outlet of expression as personally displayed by Aureta.

    To speak of class, it is only foolish and mildly self-revealing that people wish to anonymously identify the source of her finance where this is neither a relevant topic of discussion, nor is it any of your business. Also, I would stretch to say that few of you have any clue as to the origins of her finances.

    Grammar: ellipses are wonderful, but like most things, must be used when appropriate. Few things are appropriate everywhere. Ellipses do not fit into those mentioned few.

    Next, in this great big world of fashion, people that shop and travel are sometimes identified as buyers. They can cultivate their personal collections (See Peggy Guggenheim), boutiques or manage the direction of displaying locations and retailers. This in itself is worthy of praise when done well, because it has the potential to alter culture, communicate a sense of place, a certain locality or universality, etc.

    Lastly, to xxy, the old money commenting party, I must offend the good James Henry Newman and ask you to jump from the roof a la BASE jump training, but without the parachute. Your comment is like asking Turley or Ogletree why they lack opinions on art and fashion. Their form of outlet is rather specific, but this is not to say that they do not possess some great measure of profundity or renaissance. This also applies to purveyors of luxury and like creators and appreciators of fine things. Note the Medici’s. Storied family, famous initially for their textile and banking strength. They also funded the majority of the most famous Renaissance. Relatively “New Money” that just happened to change the course of not only luxury living, but art and thought through arts. Progression. If you haven’t noticed, The Capital City of the World governmental plan stars the government at the Medici Family in this Pre-R Florence. Aureta may be our Lavinia Fontana, with a different medium.

    I would only hope that people think and think deeply. Stupid is lame. Unjust is lame. If you claim that you would be as creative with increased means. Make time to gather those monies. Save your feudal tongue for the Renaissance is the now. Do not relegate yourself to history for your lack of the proper embrace of progression.

    I will not hide my words behind a pseudonym. The end.

  18. Fashionista says:

    Oh and when did tights become a substitute for pants? I know my labels and I know my trends and while I’m well aware of the fact that tshirt dresses are hot at the moment, there’s a fine line between a dress and a shirt when your crotch and/or your butt cheeks are hanging out. For such a “fashionista,” Miss Thomollari has crossed that line more than once into “fashion victim” territory. I literally cringed when I saw the photos of her taken at the St. Regis in the vintage red velvet “dress” – she might as well show her crotch as it’s practically peeking out from underneath that shirt. And I do believe her butt cheek is visible in the pix of her in the Valentine’s Day Pucci “dress.” If she went out in public like that, I’m sure she got her fair share of stares…for all the wrong reasons.

    If I start to see women walking around DC with their crotch and butt cheeks hanging out, I’ll know who to blame.

  19. Lina Scheynius says:

    aww Pathetically trying to cover up your jealousy by talking about it doesn’t work. Don’t feel so bad just because Aureta gets to travel and look beautiful while she is doing it. Why shouldn’t she pose? It’s a style blog!! All style bloggers pose. You contradict yourself too much. It’s strange.

    I don’t own a TV, so I am not watching the shows you are watching. I am busier than you are. No thank you for the toxic recommendations.

    I think what you really want is to be Aureta’s friend. It’s okay “Fashionista.” When someone exudes that much energy and light we all want to be around it. But, light needs more light to continue, which you possess very little of.

    oh and…Who calls themselves Fashionista? Seriously LAME.

  20. Fashionista says:

    M. Davis II, I have one word for you: editing.

    Lina, Lina, Lina… unless this Aureta is a personal family member or lover of yours, you have spent too much time and energy defending her from someone who doesn’t care what you think. Now run along and go take more pretty pictures of women masturbating since that seems to be your thing?

  21. EvoMorales says:

    I just moved to DC from Italy. I stumbled across this link and after seeing such a heated thread, decided to check out this Aureta for myself. I don’t know much about the fashion world, but I do love beautiful women who know how to dress and have plenty of friends in the industry…and Aureta is gorgeous! The way she rocks her clothes is as impressive as I’ve seen in 6 years overseas in Rome, Milan, Paris, and London.

    As for the annoying troglodytes with their juvenile and remedial comments, which, by the way, lead me to believe that they are both angst filled teenagers, Mr Davis is right. Acquire the means to travel, volunteer, do something to get out of your closed little world and learn about the universe so you can form intelligent thoughts, even if they are critical of something.

    By the way, H&M and Forever 21 are notoriously exploitative of slave labor. Just because you can’t get designer things doesn’t mean you cant be a conscious consumer. Take a hint from Aureta, vintage is the way to go.

    One more thing, I saw that a few of her blogs have interesting social and scientific references. Lord Byron!? Nice, he’s one of my favorites; a well traveled, sophisticated man sharing himself with the world and open to other cultures. I actually just ordered “Libraries” because of what I saw on Aureta’s blog to adorn my coffee table.

    I didn’t realize DC had such dynamic people, so Aureta just made my day.

  22. Lina Scheynius says:

    As opposed to someone who’s thing is writing a dozen hateful responses on a forum?

    Why don’t you go back to hitting refresh on Aureta’s blog and drooling

  23. Q says:

    Hey “Fashionista”, (who calls themselves a “fashionista” anyway) remember me? Here’s a tip, why don’t you stop stalking Aureta on Lookbook and her blog, and find a more positive avenue to express your jealousy than ranting on the WL site. How about water aerobics, basket weaving, aerobic pole dancing, or even calligraphy? These are all wonderful ways to redirect that pesky anger (wink). Aureta has more style in her perfectly pedicured pinky toe than you could ever DREAM of having. Wouldn’t you love to wear runway Moncler in Aspen? Don’t you wake up in cold sweats at 3 a.m. wishing you were wearing a Missoni caftan in St. Bart’s? Come on, you can admit it. We’d all respect you more if you’d just brake down and confessed to being a “hater”.

    Aureta, now it’s time to break out the good clothes! Why are they getting mad over your daywear? Give them some couture now and really make them sick!

    Fashionista? (giggles)

  24. michael_clements says:

    ok. Can we move on to another topic? There are a lot of amazing people on this!

  25. M. Davis II says:

    Editing. That’s a good one. Well, Ellipses, I see that not only are you knowledgeable, but also clever. However, I tutor children, but I will make an exception if you wish to take English lessons.

    Mr. Clements is quite correct. Let us focus on the overall positive nature of this list and not on our own flaws. This should be a celebratory board.

  26. Fashionista says:

    When Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld declares that it’s ok for Aureta to show her crotch and ass cheek in public for the sake of fashion, then come talk to me. When Aureta is rewarded with her own column in Vogue for essentially doing the same thing that others do for far less money with much more class and style, then come talk to me. When Aureta finally grasps the concept that wearing 7 different designer labels at once = label whore, then come to talk to me.

    Mr. Davis II, I couldn’t get through your first diatribe because it was so wordy. However, your second comment was short and to the point, so in response, I must politely decline your offer. You clearly were not an English major. And judging from your writing, I doubt English is even your first language!

    And for the record, if Aureta wants to blame someone for all this attention she’s receiving in the comments section, she can blame Juliana for posting her blog link. I’m sure Aureta appreciates the extra hits to her mediocre blog even as we type!

  27. Erica says:

    I love Alicia Kersting! she is the coolest dude ever….woohoo!

  28. Jackksonn says:

    Wow, I didn’t know people in DC were such haters. I’ve met her a few times and she is so sweet and nice. She loves her clothes, but doesn’t really mean anything about her. I like steak and eat it all the time, does that mean anything about me?

    She’s a cool girl and does a lot of fundraising.

  29. J. JeanPierre says:

    I just stumbled upon this and I must say as a new DC transplant, there are many “haters”. Fashion and style encompass alot and I feel as if Aureta does a great job. I am happy for her that she can wear all sorts of great designers and knows how to “work it”. I feel as if a true fashionista would be proud to see other fashionistas finally getting their due instead of the same celebs you see everywhere. Its sad that there was nothing better to critique.

    I shall add Aureta’s blog to my list of blogs to follow and I think I will put her on the guest list to some events. Fabulous job Ms. T.

  30. ilysl says:

    I also happen to have just stumbled upon this, I wish I had been able to comment sooner!

    I have recently started to follow Aureta’s blog and I think her style is lovely. She’s another version (yet all her own) of Miroslava Duma, and it goes without saying that I absolutely adore her as well. They both have great taste and admirable courage (because it truly takes courage to go and wear what people would only think of as ‘art’ and place it on their bodies, yes, I’m talking couture.)

    When it comes to style, many like to generalize and say that because you are wealthy it is automatically given that you can be very fashionable because you can afford labels. The truth is… it takes someone with great taste to be able to mix and match all the lovely designer items out there and actually make an outfit out of them. Prime example: Paris Hilton. Many may be rolling your eyes at the name of her, but I cannot think of another example of the epitome of lack of style and abundance of wealth, at the same time.

    It also takes guts to wear (and rock!) runway looks. It’s not for the everyday passerby who happens to pick up a Vogue every two or so months and then claim they are slaves to fashion. It doesn’t work that way.

    Both people with access to couture as well as those who happen to be in a more restricted budget deserve their given respect. I bet that if Aureta, or Miroslava, be it whoever, walked into H&M, Zara, Topsop, whatever, and saw something they liked, they’d buy it, pair it with some fabulous Dolce heels and make the greatest outfit out of it.

    Don’t let your circumstances push you away from fashion – there’s something for us all. At different price tags, yes, but that’s the fun of it, isn’t it!? Seeking style – it’s something acquired, earned, that must be embraced by all of us fashion lovers.

  31. Nexhi says:

    Fabulous job Aureta!!!!!!!!!!

    I love her! she is the coolest dude ever….Bravo!

    She’s a cool girl and does a lot of fundraising.

    Congrats Aureta! We love your vision!

  32. Hellolovely says:

    I’m just surprised Aureta is under 40. She is pretty, but she does not look young.

  33. Ruthless says:

    I love Aureta’s vintage stuff. She wears it very well but looking good is easy when you’re thin and pretty. A better question to ask rather than how hard is it to look fashionable when you have access to designer labels (and gorgeous vintage finds) is how can someone who is just a normal person look fashionable with what they have? Meaning regular bodies, regular budgets, regular lives. How can a regular joe express themselves creatively with clothing? But no one cares about regular people! (the horrors!) which is why fantasy like Aureta’s blog is so nice to look at.

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