YGL: Meghan Blair’s Sweet Passion

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In her own words: Meghan Blair tells us her recipe for opening up Something Sweet Bakery

Meghan Blair, Founder, Something Sweet Bakery

Meghan Blair, Founder, Something Sweet Bakery

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to open my own dessert shop. Having no business experience, I drew from practice and encouragement from others to turn something that I loved doing into my profession.

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As a young child I learned to bake from both my mother and grandmother. I loved looking through their recipes and cookbooks, choosing my favorites and testing them out on family and friends as I grew older.

Four years ago, my husband Bo gave me an opportunity to bake sweets for his sandwich shop, Jetties, where I started making special-order cakes and cupcakes for birthday parties and desserts for catered events. With my new found confidence I began to think about starting my own business, and that’s where my dream for Something Sweet Bakery began.

I knew the most important decision would be the location.

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With Woodley Park’s young and active restaurant scene, Bo thought that a dessert shop would be a great addition to the neighborhood. Fortunately, a space was available – the perfect size and affordable. But my naïveté was apparent when I submitted my design plan to the contractors, for I had no idea the construction and permit process would take so long. In hindsight, it all happened for a reason.

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While waiting for the completion of the store, I put together the baking team, including my manager, Katie, who shares my philosophy and baking style of traditional American desserts.

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Together, we put the finishing touches on the shop and opened our doors last August.

It’s very gratifying to peak through the kitchen doors and watch an adult squeal because we have their favorite childhood dessert. And while we are still fine tuning things, we’re excited to show that all of the time and effort was worth it.

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