Performing Arts: Dancer Jason Ignacio On the Move

by Editorial

Jason Ignacio’s dances are all about flux and change.

By Dawn Lim

Jason Ignacio. Photo by Paul Gordon Emerson.

Jason Ignacio. Photo by Paul Gordon Emerson.

When Jason Ignacio dances, every movement announces itself, and then launches into another direction before one can grasp its magnitude. In his short solo piece, “Morph,” which premiered during Jason and Friends at Dance Place recently, Ignacio leaped, spun and navigated through a series of startling metamorphoses. A defiant altitude transitioned into a somersault before he began pivoting on his elbows. One almost detected a suggestion of break dancing — before he changed tack and broke into a series of fluid wavelike movements. As the music ended and the lights dimmed, one could still see the outline of Ignacio’s body arching backwards, arriving at something else. For Ignacio, it is almost as if dance goes on even after the curtain goes down.

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