Power Source: Duke Ellington School’s Wonderful Night

A patriotic energy filled the air last night at the Kennedy Center during Stevie Wonders concert benefiting the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.


A special poem was presented to Mr. Wonder in braille by students from Duke Ellington.

A special poem was written by 16 year old Duke Ellington junior Sarai Reed who is a student in the Literary and Communications Department, the poem was presented to Mr. Wonder in braille.

Mr. was adamant about giving back to the community and expressed his honor for performing to benefit the Ellington school cause, because Wonder started as a gifted child musician himself.

Shortly after gracing the stage and performing two songs, Stevie Wonder acknowledged The First Lady of the United States. Mr. Wonder expressed his admiration for Mrs. Obama and President Obama. He further revealed to the audience that all of us should use love and meaningful partnership to continue to advance causes such as the Ellington Fund. The Duke Ellington School choir performed with Stevie Wonder and was amazing, for all that witnessed their performance it was clearly evident that we all should continue to support the efforts of these young, aspiring brilliantly talented architects of art.

The enormity of his talent filled the room with songs that inspired people beyond explanation; the audience of over 2,000 prominent Washingtonians was excited, leaping from their seats to dance throughout the show.

At the VIP reception with Stevie following his performance; purposeful Washingtonians mingled with Ellington students and staff in celebrating a successful evening.  The evening was amazing for all that attended, it was nothing short of a huge success.

The First Lady of the United States is acknowledged by Stevie Wonder and the audience at the Kennedy Center.

The First Lady of the United States is acknowledged by Stevie Wonder and the audience at the Kennedy Center.

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  1. Roger James says:

    Excellent article Adoria! When a legendary icon takes time out for a benefit concert, he becomes even more special. Mr. Wonder understands the importance of preserving a gifted school like Duke Ellington.

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