Power Source: Marsalis and Burris Meet & Greet

by WL Author

Wynton Marsalis urges action in Washington to address vital national issues.

By Adoria Doucette

Jazz at Lincoln Center Artisitic Director Wynton Marsalis & United States Senator Roland Burris

Jazz at Lincoln Center Artistic Director Wynton Marsalis and United States Senator Roland Burris

Two Power Source veterans Senator Roland Burris and Wynton Marsalis connected at the Kennedy Center recently as the Washington Performing Arts Society presented Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, featuring  Wynton Marsalis.

After working into the night and participating in a late vote on the Senate floor, Senator Roland Burris was welcomed by Marsalis into his dressing room while senior members of the orchestra and the Senators private assistant feasted on authentic New Orleans gumbo. Marsalis voiced his concerns about the state of affairs around the country, and he urged Senator Burris to continue to do all that he could in the Senate to further the cause of those who are most in need. Power Source commends these two gentlemen for their respective examples of excellence in their professions, and their joint devotion to improving the lives of Americans who are currently experiencing difficult times.

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