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Lauren Von Der Pool unveils Cafe Green.

By Adoria Doucette

Lauren Von Der Pool

Lauren Von Der Pool

Over the past 10 years there has been a movement around the world to revolutionize global food consumption habits. While the green movement has been large and loud, hard working entrepreneurs like Lauren Von Der Pool are the primary variable that will actually bring this vision of healthy and responsible living into the homes of the masses.

The Queen of Green - Lauren Von Der Pool

The Queen of Green - Lauren Von Der Pool

At 25 years of age, Ms. Von Der Pool has established herself as a entrepreneur, philanthropist and community leader that will drive the commercial transformation of the food business towards one where consumers have unlimited understanding and shopping options to pursue healthy eating.

Von Der Pool was educated in the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, CA and Paris, France. Her mastery of the world’s most basic art was recognized by world renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, and Von Der Pool’s career developed a dazzling trajectory after working with Puck to cater countless Hollywood A-list events, culminating with the 2009 Academy Awards. Von Der Pool is CEO of Von Der Pool Gourmet, which comprises divisions of fine dining establishments, catering, and a 501(c)(3) that caters to healthy living and eating education.

Washington is on the verge of the April debut of Ms. Von Der Pool’s first restaurant, Café Green. Launched by her fine dining group in partnership with Java Green founder DJ Kim, Café Green will open its doors in Dupont Circle next month. Having served as private chef for dozens of the most forward thinking and health conscious Washingtonians, Von Der Pool has a groundswell of Washingtonians that can barely contain their excitement about Café Green’s opening.

Cafe Green


“Let thy food be thy medicine” is the mantra of Ms. Von Der Pool; Power Source is proud to provide Washington Life readers a sneak peak to what will soon be one of the world’s most acknowledged “green” entrepreneurs. With her uncanny understanding of each complex inputs and output of the global food production process, Von Der Pool was selected by the White House to sit on a panel with Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar where Von Der Pool discussed the future of Green Enterprise and Clean and Renewable Energy. Ms. Von Der Pool’s charm, grace, talent and energy have made her indispensible in effectively promoting responsible and knowledgeable food consumption from the White House to the inner city of DC.

 As a native Washingtonian, Ms. Von Der Pool’s fledgling enterprises will make a significant contribution towards healthy eating and living. Power Source puts the spotlight on Lauren Von Der Pool for her tactfully aggressive pursuit of intelligent eating for all Washington residents, especially children.

As her light begins to shine, Power Source commends Lauren Von Der Pool for her boundless and purposeful spirit. Her infectious energy will inspire all who are in her presence and manifest the healthy eating choices we need to live the productive lives that we all dream of. Cafe Green opens in mid April and is located at 1513 17th St. NW in Dupont Circle, www.vonderpoolgourmet.com

Congresswoman Donna Edwards & Lauren Von Der Pool

Congresswoman Donna Edwards & Lauren Von Der Pool


Von Der Pool Gourmet


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