Paint the Town: Transformer Collector’s View Kick Off

by Editorial

Mirella and Dani Levinas opened their home for Transformer Gallery’s first Collector’s View of 2010.

By Julie LaPorte

Art collectors Mirella and Dani Levinas. (Photo by Tony Powell)

Art collectors Mirella and Dani Levinas were the first to host the 2010 Transformer Collector's View Series. (Photo by Tony Powell)

The third annual Collector’s View, hosted by Transformer Gallery, kicked off its series on March 21 at the Georgetown home of Mirella and Dani Levinas. All white brick and glass, this spacious home holds contemporary art from around the world, with a distinctive Latin concentration.

“Art is a guaranty of sanity” boasts one piece by Valeska Soares, and if that is true, the Levinas must be among the most sane in D.C. Their contemporary art collection contains painting, sculpture, photography and video art, and covers the walls, shelves and floor of their multi-floor house and garden.

There wasn’t a conscious effort to collect around a certain theme, but as the Levinas’ collection has grown, a trend has emerged. Many of the pieces explore elements of architecture, whether that means a small balcony by Juan Munoz fixed to their living room wall or a photographic series of 50 images by Jose Davila of famous monuments with the monuments cut out. They also have a stunning piece by Javier Arce called Serie Rvera, a reproduction of Diego Rivera’s doomed mural for Rockefeller Center done by marker on industructible, wrinkled paper.

It would be impossible to list all the names of the artists the Levinas have collected art from, but there are several who must be mentioned: Cildo Meireles, Waltercio Caldas, Vik Muniz, Cristian Segura, Ivan Navarro and Tunga.

They follow their heart when collecting, buying what they love, pieces they connect with immediately. Then as they meet the artist, learn the backstory and get the piece home, it takes on deeper meaning.

If you missed the viewing at the Levinas, there are three more Collector’s Views in the upcoming months. To find out more, visit the Transformer Gallery.

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