Fashionable Life: Our Picks to Get Your “Carrie On”!

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Sex and the City 2 is coming to DC and we have all you need to know about how to get dressed up and get your “Carrie on”

By Anna Jacoby

The girls of Sex and the City 2 in Morocco Credit: Warner Bros.

The girls of Sex and the City 2 in Morocco Credit: Warner Bros.

Movie enthusiasts from across the globe often attend the screening of their most-anticipated films dressed the part.  Star Wars, for example, is a phenomenon that attracts fans made up as characters ranging from the green, backwards-talking Master Yoda (“Teach you the ways of the force, I will”) to the giant black helmet-clad, heavy breathing Darth Vader.  Last summer’s biggest film, Star Trek, was no different.   Theaters were packed with Spock look-a-likes, Klingons, and fans with fingers raised in that familiar V-shape declaring to each other in excitement, “Live long and prosper,” and “Beam me up, Scotty!”  This summer, however, calls for a different kind of cultural phenomena in film: Sex and the City 2.

Opening May 27th, women everywhere who go to see Sex and the City 2 will trade in lightsabers for Manolos, Jedi cloaks for their

Patricia Field with writer/director Michael Patrick King

Patricia Field with writer/director Michael Patrick King

favorite cocktail dresses, and Vulcan ears for fabulous accessories in ode to TV and film’s favorite foursome.  They will pre-game the film by drinking pink Cosmos and making sure they’ve assembled the perfect outfit rather than absorbing the ways of the force.  For this set of fans, Carrie Bradshaw is their Luke Skywalker.

The ladies of Sex and the City (SATC) are back for another showstopping blockbuster, and this time around, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) will take a break from the city and embark on a glamourous Middle Eastern adventure in the United Arab Emirates.   An exotic vacation lands in the laps of the four friends just when things start to get difficult in their busy lives concerning marriage, motherhood, and other traumas.  The ladies, naturally, must prepare to outfit themselves in “desert chic” upon arriving in paradise.

Arguably more exciting than the actual plot of the film is the visual presentation.  The great thing about Sex and the City is that it isn’t just a film or a former television program, it’s a fashion show where the clothes often tell the story.  This integral part of the franchise’s appeal can be credited to the show’s Costume Designer, Patricia Field.  A fashion force to be reckoned with, Field’s work has earned her seven Emmy nominations and two wins.  Her creative vision and ability to be fashionably daring is responsible for the trends set by SATC.  Her work inspires fans to dress for the film in their best looks; she has inspired the die-hard SATC viewers to mimic Carrie’s coveted flower pins, clothes, bags, and signature nameplate necklace.

Field can even be held responsible for a small boost in the economy.  The now-iconic blue satin Manolo Blahnik’s Carrie wore as her “something blue” for her wedding in the first SATC flim?  At $945, sold out at Blahnik’s store in New York City, Bergdorf’s, and Nieman Marcus before you could say “Manolo.”  The shoe even made headlines: New York Daily News declared the blue Blahnik’s “the fifth star of Sex and the City.”  Events like this only confirm that Field’s talent and creative eye have launched her to superstardom as one of the most sought-after and well known Costume Designers in the industry.

Patricia Field’s past work brings us a lot to look forward to in SATC2.  Expect fresh looks on Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda from the likes of Chanel, Christian Dior, the fairly new and highly anticipated Halston Heritage collection, and of course, plenty of Manolo Blahnik footwear.  From New York to Morocco, Field dressed the girls in playful cocktail dresses, bold accessories, statement shoes, and colorful sun dresses and sandals.  The film also includes comically costumed ’80s flashbacks of the four friends.  With Patricia Field on-board for the SATC2 production, fashionable surprises are certain to be brought to the table.  What will be the next blue Manolo that every woman will want?  If anyone should be toasted to by Sex and the City fans of the world opening night of the sequel, they should raise up their Cosmos to the one-and-only Patricia Field.

The girls from SATC2.  Carrie in a Halston Heritage dress, Charlotte in Dior. Credit: Warner Bros.

The girls from SATC2. Carrie in a Halston Heritage dress, Charlotte in Dior. Credit: Warner Bros.

Our picks for the best Sex and the City 2 events in Washington, DC!  Go Get Your Carrie On!

Throw on some heels and have your own fabulous night out in the city at the plethora of SATC2 happenings right here in the District!

McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon (2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW) invites you to celebrate SATC2 throughout the premiere weekend (May 27-29) with cocktails, and giveaways. They’ll have $3 cosmos, martinis, and SATC cast cocktails all day long and raffles at 8 and 11pm every night from area spas, boutiques, and more.

Station 9 Lounge (1438 U St.) hosts SATC2 “Linen Party” on May 29th.  The best dressed Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte win a VIP table!  Dinner 8-10pm, Open bar 10-11pm, dance until 2:30am.  Dress to kill.

Fresh of Georgetown presents “Sexy Cocktails for a Cause” on May 26 at 6 p.m.

For $35, enjoy a pre-screening reception at Mate (3101 K Street NW) at 6:30 p.m. that includes an open bar courtesy of Skyy Vodka.

Attend the VIP pre-screening reception for $105 at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown (3100 South Street, NW) with an open bar provided by Moet & Chandon and Belvedere Vodka. Guests will also receive swag gift bags. All guests will watch the screening together at 8 p.m. at Loews Cinema in Georgetown (3111 K Street NW).

Join SoBlu Inc. and the Zimbabwe Education Fund (a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Zimbabwean orphans and underprivileged children a quality education) for an advanced screening of “Sex and the City 2″ on May 26 from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. For $35, enjoy a networking reception with drinks and appetizers along with seeing the movie at AMC Mazza Gallerie 7 (5300 Wisconsin Ave NW).

On May 26, Washington “It Girls” Angie Gates, television personality Angie Goff, DC Fashion Chamber of Commerce’s Christine Brooks-Cropper and radio personality Jeannie Jones will host “Champagne & Cinema” — a luxury pre-reception and advance screening. Guests will toast the night away with Moët’s exclusive Imperial champagne as seen in the movie. This invitation-only reception and red carpet affair will also feature a “Mr. Big”cameo appearance by “DC’s Most Eligible Bachelor”.

Anna Jacoby is a rising junior at Boston University majoring in Magazine Journalism.  She currently works as an editorial intern at Washington Life magazine.

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