Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

by Editorial

It was a week of finales and premieres, increased fares, and oil spill drama. From a suit designed especially for iPad users to an unusual but hilarious review of the LOST finale, these tweets sum up this tumultuous week.

By Kara Landsman

Douglas Sonders with Stacie Snyder

Douglas Sonders with Stacie Snyder

@douglassonders: I love it when a production comes together. This #Kaskadeshoot is gonna be sweet. Follow my video production company @8112studios

@MorganOrtagus: Walking through Williams and Sonoma… Is it weird I love it here even though I don’t cook?

@MrDanZak: “Washington does get their share of art heists — you just don’t hear about them.” #WaPo

@dcfab: SATC2 was like eating a really good sandwich but they forgot to put mayo on it. It was still really good…but where was the mayo?

@chelseavm: My favorite review of the LOST finale so far- and it’s by someone who’s never seen it before: (via @TIME)

@pcousteau:  See my latest photos and video from behind the scenes in Louisiana here… @treehugger #oilspill

Philippe Cousteau with Stephanie Green

Philippe Cousteau with Stephanie Green

@Munashik: …Also, miss usa is back on her low carb diet. Lunch today: salmon and spinach. My lunch: noodles!

@cheeky_geeky:  Nice writeup of the @StreetSoccerUSA gala the other night by @WashingtonLife

(Hey, we like good PR too.)

The week of Amazon?

@chefspike: if we get on the 100 list on amazon i’m up for some crazy suggestions on what i can do…i figure shaving my heads on tv’s been over done

@Helena_andrews: Also I’m ranked 32,070 in Books on Amazon right now (a marked improvement from 600,000). Who do I have to man handle to break the top 100?

Helena Andrews with GQ Editor Jim Nelson and Jose Anotnio Vargas

Helena Andrews with GQ Editor Jim Nelson and Jose Anotnio Vargas

@KatherineKenned: When #whitehouse is autocorrected to #whorehouse on the #iPhone, you need to reevaluate #society. My dad now fears where I hangout. #fail

@keekster:  Carry Your iPad In Your Suit Pocket!?: via @addthis

@OhMyGOFF: you CANNOT be serious. Anyone who flies should be furious about this ‘new fee’.

@shirleyhungcnn:  “No one has intentionally tried to harm you, but we did,” Larry Thomas, BP GM of Public & Govt Affairs at Plaquemines Parish, LA townhall

@dubfire_scitec: Just announced – the best cities to live in the world. Interesting! (via @rossevana) @locodiceOFC. Vato! D-Town!

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