Eco-Chic: Nourish Market Opens in McLean

by WL Author

Nourish Market, a health and eco-conscious corner store, opens in McLean, VA.
By Madeleine Starkey


Karen Sherwood and Fairfax County Supervisor John. W. Foust perform the ribbon-cutting (a garland "ribbon" that can be composted, naturally) with the help of Sherwood's three energetic boys.

America, a land of convenience, loves its convenience stores.  When you need a quick snack, maybe some sunscreen, or a cool beverage, what do you do?  Run into your corner store.  But what if your corner store is one whose options are admittedly limited?  Do you grab that dubious empanada out of the even more suspect heater-thingy and say to yourself “I’m in a rush, otherwise I’d opt for something less offensive”?

Not if you’re Karen Sherwood.

Founder of McLean’s newest health haven, Nourish Market, Sherwood was fed up with what she considered the inconvenience (irony, anyone?) of her local corner store.

“When I was pregnant with my first child, I lived around the corner” from what is now Nourish Market (8100 Old Dominion Drive McLean, VA) Sherwood says, “and I hated the commute required to grab household essentials that were not loaded with toxins or trans fats.”  Thus began the journey to Nourish-ment.

Nourish is just like any neighborhood joint: it has cold drinks, household products, a comprehensive deli, frozen food options, even make up.  But, the difference is in the details: instead of Coca-Cola Nourish carries Kombucha; instead of Mr. Clean, Mrs. Meyers; instead of Almay, Alba.

While there is not a kitchen per se on Nourish’s premises, its prepared food selections do not disappoint.  Nourish sources its cooked products from Falls Church’s Kennedy’s Natural Foods.  Confident in Kennedy’s quality, Karen carries Kennedy classics such as chicken salad, prepared with local Virginia chicken.  Other deli options include an extensive vegetarian sandwich menu, gluten-free brownies, and freshly baked breads.  While Nourish is currently alcohol free, future booze plans include wine and gluten-free beer.

“I hope Nourish will not only supply area residents with much-needed essentials, but also with products and options that are safe and reliable,” Sherwood says.  Having done extensive research on every product in her store, Sherwood is confident that Nourish offers the best of what is available.  Who said quality and convenience had to be mutually exclusive, anyway?


Healthy beauty, from Hemp Organics. (Photo By Madeleine Starkey)


Kitchen staples are all as healthy as can be: organic apple sauce, organic whole wheat pastas. (Photo By Madeleine Starkey)

Nourish carries healthy and organic drinks like Maryland-based Honest Tea, GT's Kombucha, and Vita Coco.

Nourish carries healthy and organic drinks like Maryland-based Honest Tea, GT's Kombucha, and Vita Coco. (Photo By Madeleine Starkey)

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