The Power Source: Unwinding in Jamaica

by WL Author

A prominent Washingtonian artist’s masterpiece in Jamaica – The Palms Resort

By Adoria Doucette

The Boutique Palms Resort in Negril Jamaica.

The Boutique Palms Resort in Negril Jamaica.

A commonwealth realm of Queen Elizabeth, Jamaica is the pearl of the Caribbean. Recent negative news reports of an isolated incident should not distort a long held tradition of prominent Washingtonians enjoying the culturally rich nation and its strong global presence and old world charm.


Guests at The Boutique Palms Resort in Negril Jamaica.

The city of Negril is home to what has always been considered one of the top ten beaches in the world. The city has been a globally savvy favorite beach resort playground since it was popularized in 1965 by James Bond’s adventures along the sands of the quaint and charming city.

The Palms Resort in Negril is a breathtaking expression of comfort and luxury, owned and designed by a highly private and incredibly successful artist and Washingtonian, John Nelson. Mr. Nelson’s  pieces are highly coveted by prominent private collectors, his work was also the showcase of an historical White House exhibition. Millions of Americans are likely to have come in contact with his work in McDonalds restaurants across the country. Power Source will educate you in another post on the genius and accomplishments of Mr. Nelson’s “ultra-realism” artwork.

For now let’s enjoy Mr. Nelson’s artistic manifestation of  The Palm Resort. The private beach is immaculately stunning from sunrise to sunset; the atmosphere of the hotel invites socializing yet maintains comfortable individual privacy. The Lobster thirmidor is the most incredible dish I have ever eaten –  worth a two week stay and two first class tickets to get to it. It is by far, a treat.  Live jazz on Sunday nights features an amazing local talent, Alici whom embodies the spirts of Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Leontyne Price.

Everyone deserves a tropical break from the purposeful yet straining life here in the nation’s most important city; Power Source encourages you to consider visiting Negril and relaxing at the Palms Resort for your next Caribbean jaunt.


Beach at the The Boutique Palms Resort in Negril Jamaica.

The Palms Resort from above.

The Palms Resort from above.

Sunset from The Palms private beach.

Sunset from The Palms private beach.


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