FYIDC: Let There Be Light

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Peter O’Malley V and his company Staged Right provide innovative light fixtures as well as other necessities for events.

By Madeleine Frank

Photo Courtesy of Staged Right

Photo Courtesy of Staged Right

When you walk into a party, you probably notice a lot of things – the other people, the food, the music. But do you notice the lighting? Peter O’Malley V and his company, Staged Right Productions, know that dramatic lighting can make all the difference.

They treat the process of providing event lighting as an art form, carefully finding the perfect complement to any architecture and creating an ambiance that doesn’t go unnoticed. Staged Right’s team is made up of people who got their start in the theatre world. “We basically look at every event that we go into as if it was a theatrical event,” said O’Malley.

Originally created to serve the political arena (which it still does, on both sides of the spectrum), Staged Right has since become a major power player in the special events industry, earning twelve nominations from the International Special Events Society.

Staged Right goes well beyond just providing lighting, and ensures that all aspects of their clients’ events will be spectacular. They save clients the trouble of coordinating with multiple vendors for events, providing everything from audio systems to décor. Their in-house team works together every step of the way, so there is fluidity to the choices they make. “With most companies out there you end up with several different vendors. We come in with projection, lighting audio and power…the big four. Everything works together properly and you’re not duplicating efforts…so we can typically do it better and more fiscally responsibly,” said O’Malley. The company has the means to organize every aspect of an event, from securing a venue to providing holding rooms for VIPs.

“At an event the tech is really not supposed to be noticed. If you’re tripping over a light or the sound system is pumping in your ear, something’s not right. Somebody didn’t think about it,” O’Malley explained. Staged Right avoids these common issues, ensuring that all events they handle will go smoothly.

Photo Courtesy of Staged Right

Photo Courtesy of Staged Right

Staged Right provided lighting for WL's Best of Peru event.

Staged Right provided lighting for WL's Best of Peru event. Photo by Alfredo Flores

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