Twenty Something: 7 Signs She’s Into You

by WL Author

These seven sultry signs signal straight to her heart.

By Ursula Lauriston


You’ve heard it said that a woman knows within 5 minutes of meeting a man, whether or not she’s into him. How is that possible you might ask? Well unlike men, a woman’s first instinct is not just an initial attraction. The way you approach us is way more important than the color of your eyes. Come at us like a rabid, starving dog and you’ll scare us away.

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We need to feel safe, comfortable, and beautiful.  Make those things happen on a first date, and you’ll catch these seven sultry signs. Twenty Something fella’s, you’re welcome.

1. We’re  focused
If we’re engaged in the conversation and the blackberry is off the table, know that you are important enough to have our undivided attention. Women are often pulled in so many directions that we always have something going on. So unless she tells you in advance that she’s expecting an important phone call, if she’s checking her phone, texting and reading emails, it’s a good guess she’s not interested now which means no second date later.

2. We ask about you
If you’re asking good questions and genuinely trying to get to know us, this will prompt us to want to know more about you– the more creative and interesting the questions, the more we like you.  If we want to know the last time you streaked in front of a crowd instead of details about your day job, then this night is heading in the right direction.

3. We compliment you
Men are natural self-promoters. That’s why you’ll rarely hear us singing your praise because you’re most likely already doing that.

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We don’t want to stroke an ego that’s big enough to fill the room we’re having dinner in. If we compliment the food, the restaurant, or how much of a gentleman you’ve been, that’s our way of complimenting you and showing our appreciations without risking our pride.

4. We shamelessly flirt
A touch here, a kiss there, a high five or pound (although corny) are all signs we’re reaching out and connecting. A sly smile, wink, playful push, or unexpected compliments are all obvious signs that we’re into you.

5. We’ll smile and not know we’re doing it
You ever see a girl smile while you’re talking but you didn’t say anything funny? Well sometimes we’re thinking good things and that comes across on our face. If you see a smile while we’re eating or taking a walk together, know that we’re thinking you’re pretty cool. High five!

6. We’ll talk about things we could do together in the future
If you mention baseball and we suggest an upcoming game, then by gosh we’re into you.  No one suggests future possible dates with someone they’re not having fun with. So if we say something like “we should check out that Nationals game this weekend,” then you’re totally in.

7. We give you a sincere, HEARTY, belly laugh
It rarely happens in our everyday lives. Getting a belly laugh is like reaching the final level of Grand Theft Auto (if such level exists).  It shows we’re relaxed, comfortable, and open. Hence, get a belly laugh and you could get a second date. So go ahead Twenty Something’s, start laughing.

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