Twenty Something: NYE Recap

by WL Author

How I partied like a rock star and lived to tell about it…
By Ursula Lauriston

NYE at Lima

NYE at Lima

I like to compare my preparation for NYE to preparing for a wedding. (Calm down– it’s just an analogy.) The point is, I was so excited to ring in the New Year, I literally prepared for a month. I picked out my dress, hairstyle, shoes, even my nail color—all in advance. I was determined to have the best night ever. And after hitting up not one, not two, but FIVE parties, I can honestly say I did.

We started the night at a friend’s house party in Chinatown and continued on to some of the hottest NYE parties DC had to offer. From the W Washington D.C., to Lima, Vetro, and Eden, we hopped from party to party ringing in the New Year in style. Here’s my NYE recap:

The W Washington D.C.

9:30 PM

Violinist at the W Hotel. We arrived at The W Washington D.C. a little after 9:30pm– just in time to catch the last few minutes of their premium open bar. Greeted by live violinists standing on glossy white pedestals, we made our way to the rooftop. When we reached the rooftop we were pressing the flesh with DC’s hottest 30 something’s dancing the night away to Ke$ha, top 40 hits, and classic party-starting oldies. I like to refer to NYE at the W as the Grown and Sexy party. The slightly older crowd looked svelte in their NYE attire and an air of quiet sophistication filled the room. The environment was couple friendly with dozens of hugged up couples ready to ring in the New Year together. So beautiful!

Pro: Great venue. Great crowd. And did I mention the premium open bar?

Con: The one low of the night occurred when the DJ remixed my beloved Wacka Flacka’s “No Hands” into a techno song. How is that even possible? Dear W Hotel, please never ever ever do that again.



11:45 PM

Lima always catches my mood just right. That’s why I made sure to be there when the clock struck 12. The DJ sat in the thick of the masquerade themed party as Middle Eastern and Salsa infused music filled the air. When the clock struck 12 people I didn’t even know we’re giving me hugs and asking me to get in pictures with them. NYE is literally the only time you can do that and not look like a creeper. The New Year transcended all of us, and in that moment all that mattered was being alive and happy and together.

 Pro: Perfect atmosphere to ring in the New Year.

Con: No cons. Just love.



A new trend is taking over DC with the expansion of member only/ secret lounges. The only way to get into these venues is to host an exclusive event/ get invited an exclusive event at the venue, pay the membership fee, or (of course) know someone. Vetro sits at the top floor of Lima, and with exclusivity, sophistication, and luxury being the main attraction of this venue I set the bar extremely high when walking towards the secret lounge. I was disappointed when I found a small, unimpressive, sparsely populated party. But all was not lost! The one saving grace of Vetro was not only the lounge staff but the people at the NYE celebrations themselves. Much like the rest of DC everyone just wanted to celebrate and have fun. I made eyes at a few cuties on the dance floor and we all busted a move.

Pro: Party like a rock star in secret.

Con: Not enough people. 


2:30 AM 

4 floors of hot sweaty pulsating bodies on the dance floor is the only way I can describe Eden. And thank God, cause it was just what I needed. The DJ was off the chain— that’s slang for AWESOME. And the partiers at Eden were simply reckless. No one cared about looking good on the dance floor or impressing the people around him or her. No pretentious DCer’s here! Everyone just wanted to have fun and party harder than they did the year before. Eden was the perfect was to end the night. 

Pro: Great DJ.

Con: It was hot. Like really hot.

So how did I party so hard and live to tell about it? Good friends, plenty of water to keep the alcohol in check, and of course I had to leave my inhibitions at the door.

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