Twenty Something: Not Just One of the Boys

by WL Author

Our single of the month dishes on her best and worst D.C. dates.
By Ursula Lauriston

Krystal, second from the left, and friends.

Krystal, second from left, and friends.

A self-described “guys girl,” Krystal has plenty of male friends to go around. “Girls are too catty,” says the 27-year-old Senior Program Associate. “I’m a girly tomboy.”

Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, Krystal Robinson descended upon the district no less than 6 years ago. Yesterday, Krystal sat down with Twenty Something and gave us the scoop on her dating hits and misses.

Name: Krystal A. Robinson

Occupation: Senior Program Associate

Age: 27

Twenty Something: How long have you been single?

Krystal Robinson: It seems like forever. It’s been about 5 years. I haven’t had a boyfriend since my last year of college. For some reason it never works out how I think it will.

TS: Why do you think that is?

KR: I usually go into these things with certain expectations. I was so focused on getting into a relationship, I forgot about the chase and the fun of getting to know someone in the beginning phase of dating. Now my number one expectation is just to be respected.

TS: How would you describe D.C. dating?

KR: The dating scene in D.C. for me is tragic. It can be kind of frustrating. There’s so much game-playing going on. There’s not a ton of honesty and so many gray areas. I’ve had my share of hell dates, but I’ve also had my share of great dates. The great dates never last long though– because they always turn out gay.

TS: Do you attract gay men?

Krystal Robinson

Krystal Robinson

KR: I’m a magnet for gay men. I’m also a magnet for “straight men who don’t know they’re gay.” I tend to bring the gayness out of them.

TS: It sounds like you’ve had your share of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to dating. Tell me about your best and worst date.

KR: The worst date I’ve ever been was set up by one of my associates. We met up at a restaurant and soon after being seated he mentioned he left his wallet in his car. He told me he was going to go grab it and I, of course, agreed. He never came back.

That really hurt.

On the other hand, the best date I have ever been on was an all day extravaganza. This guy was sweet and told me not to make plans for the weekend and to be ready on Saturday morning with beach clothes. We drove to Virginia Beach and spent the whole day together. He was so chivalrous. It was amazing. Too bad he turned out to be gay.

TS: Well other than ‘being interested in women,’ what kinds of characteristics are important to you in a guy?

KR: I want the usual. A guy who is: smart, funny, attractive, supportive, chocolate, tall, good hygiene, and a world traveler.

TS: You mentioned ‘chocolate,’ would you date outside of your race?

KR: Definitely. I definitely would.

TS: Have you?

KR: No.

TS: Any advice for our many D.C. singles?

KR: Don’t date anyone you meet at any DC networking events. It will not work out. Just keep them as a business contact. And don’t take speed dating seriously– but definitely try it.


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Ursula Lauriston is the author of Twenty Something, a social diary blog where she sounds off weekly on dating, D.C nightlife and events, career etiquette, and more. During the day, Ursula stays in step with the pulse of DC with her work as a Deputy Press Secretary on Capitol Hill. Follow her on twitter @urdiggy.

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