Power Source: The Insight of Russell Simmons

by WL Author

Two unique areas of accomplishment are the most poignant for Russell Simmons.
By Adoria Doucette

Power Source Adoria Doucette & Russell Simmons

Power Source Adoria Doucette & Russell Simmons

As he travels the world to promote his latest contribution to contemporary American literature, “Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All“, Russell Simmons conversation with Power Source emphasized that we should all look within to find our inner powers.

While hundreds of media outlets swoon over the success of Mr. Simmons business interests and the dynamic message of his literature, Power Source sought insight into the ultimate treasure, daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. Mr. Simmons said “I teach them to be servants”. The girls have an excellent balance of their priorities, whenever they buy or receive a new toy,  they pass on their old toys so that others may enjoy them. The wealth that Mr. Simmons bequeaths to his children that matters most is spiritual and intellectual.

As founder of  Def Jam, Phat Farm, Rush Communications, Def Comedy Jam, and many other successful businesses, Mr. Simmons is a cultural pioneer and most proud of  the fact that his actions have made others wealthy. He has developed some of the most successful entertainment entrepreneurs in the world like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and music industry executive Kevin Liles. As we begin a New Year and embrace new challenges and opportunity, Power Source commends Russell Simmons for understanding the subtleties that dictate success, especially when it comes to raising positive children and empowering those around him to be “Super Rich“.



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