FYIDC: A Quiller Oscar Party

by Editorial

The Jefferson adds to the ‘Oscar Buzz’ with their own festivities for locals and hotel guests
By Katherine Pena

Enjoy a 'Horse's Neck' cognac cocktail a la True Grit, or a 'Black & White Margarita' a la Black Swan

As if the world-renown acting awards didn’t have enough buzz and style already, The Jefferson Hotel, is looking to add more “buzz” to the mix with a high-end Oscar Viewing Package night of the broadcast (February 27th) which will feature specialty cocktails. Locals and guests alike are invited to watch the Academy Awards from the quaint Quill Lounge, where, starting at 6pm, the bar’s head mixologist, Massimilian – known for his creative twists on traditional cocktails – will be serving lucky guests Hollywood-themed creations, which pay homage to Best Picture nominees. The $95 package includes reserved seating with premier TV viewing, plus: 1 Movie inspired Quill Cocktail,  1 Glass of Rose Champagne, 1 Bowl of Truffled Popcorn, 3 Mini Caviar Tacos, 3 Foie Gras Bon-Bon, 3 Mini Gold Plated Chili-Cheese Dogs and a copy of all the recipes for the Movie Inspired Cocktails.


127 HOURS: “On The Rocks” – 1.5 oz. High West Rocky Mountain Rye Whisky, Angostura bitters, white sugar, orange zest and house infused allspice cherries.
BLACK SWAN: “Black & White Margarita” – 3 lime wedges muddled, 2 tsp white sugar, ½ oz. Cointreau, 1.25 oz. white tequila, ½ oz. house-made aloe vera juice and double salt-rim of black Hawaiian salt and thyme-lemongrass infused salt.
INCEPTION: “Inception Martini” – 1 dash chartreuse verte, one dash chartreuse jaune, ¼ oz. absinthe, 1 oz. Heavy Water Vodka, 1 oz. Blue Coat Gin and flamed orange zest.
THE KING’S SPEECH: “The King’s Crown” – ¾ oz. Crown Royal Black, ¾ oz. Kahlua Coffee Liquor, 0.33 oz. vanilla-orange flavored cream and orange flakes.
THE FIGHTER: “The Blueberry Punch” – Fresh cut lime cubes, fresh cut orange cubes, 1 tsp organic brown sugar, rum (aged a minimum of eight years), fresh blueberries and homemade ginger-orange powder.
THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT: “Rose Indulgence” – 0.33 oz. raspberry puree, 0.33 oz. strawberry puree, 1 drop rose essence, 2.5 oz. Gosset Rose Champagne and rose pate de fruit pairing.
THE SOCIAL NETWORK: “Modern Cosmopolitan” – 2 lime wedges, 2 tsp white sugar, 1 oz. house-infused hibiscus flower-lemongrass-chili vodka, 0.33 oz. Cointreau Noir, ¾ oz. cranberry juice and prosecco.
TOY STORY 3: “Nutella Manhattan” – 2 dashes sweet vermouth, 2 drops Xocolatl bitters, 4 drops Angostura bitters, 1.5 oz. Nutella-infused vodka and ¾ oz. Barrel Proof Bourbon.
TRUE GRIT: “Horse’s Neck” – 2 oz. A. de Fussigny Cognac, orange zest, soda and crushed ice.
WINTER’S BONE: “Dark & Stormy” – House-made ginger beer, 1.5 oz. dark rum and lime.

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