Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

by Editorial

This week’s celebration of the fifth anniversary of the creation of Twitter solidified the profound effect it has on spreading news, sharing events, and creating #DCLeaders.
By Gabbi Baker

#DCTwestival 2011 at Shadow Room. Photo Credit: Alfredo Flores for Metromix DC

News spread quickly on Twitter this week, from Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s (@timpawlenty) big announcement (via Facebook)…

@timpawlenty: Like my Facebook page to get special message exclusive to my Facebook supporters today at 3 pm ET.

@davidcorndc: Pawlenty’s announcement video has 1122 FB likes and viewed 52K times on YouTube. Would you call this a groundswell? #2012

@jaketapper: possibly going back to the mullet?

@jaketapper: To be clear: the mullet query was about @TimPawlenty not me. #AGratefulNationExhales

to the unfortunate death of beloved actress, Elizabeth Taylor…

@OhMyGoff: the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor has died. : (

@mdornic: RIP Liz Taylor. I’ll miss you and your jewel-scented fragrances.

@ladygaga: - Just left Google, what a genius team. Tweeting video interview soon with details about album+Judas!

to Google Goes Gaga – Lady Gaga’s (@ladygaga) hour-long interview with Google’s Marissa Mayer (@marissamayer).

@stevecase: Google Goes Gaga for @LadyGaga (via @FastCompany)

@mindyfinn: As if tech wasn’t cool enough, it just got cooler w/ Gaga

@ladygaga: – Just left Google, what a genius team. Tweeting video interview soon with details about album+Judas!

And as this week marked the five-year anniversary for Twitter,  social media enthusiasts came together Thursday evening to celebrate at DC Twestival, a night of networking for social good to highlight a great cause, FairFund. (The funds raised are helping teach 1000 teens in DC public schools how to stay safe from sex trafficking on exploitation.)

@kevinlmcintosh: Illest moment of the night – my pseudo dance – off with @nakeva #iwasntready

@murray_tracy: @dctwestival I’m gonna need to chug multiple bottles of #vitaminwater if I’m to wake up on time tomorrow after this#DCTwestival

If you couldn’t make it to #DCTwestival, did you experence #FOMO? Saturday’s The New York Times featured an article about the “Fear of Missing Out,” referencing that “sharp pang of envy that comes when someone they are following on the social networking site is clearly having a better time than they are — right now.” What do you think?

POLITICO’s Mike Allen (@mikeallen) announced this morning in his daily Playbook that he’s looking for the most influential tweets in D.C. If you were stranded on a desert-island, he asks, who would you want to follow to keep you in touch with what was happening? You can send your favorites to or tweet with #DCLeaders. We’ll bring you the results once they’re released…and I’m sure we’ll see a number of you on that list!

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