Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

by Editorial

This week on Twitter, we laughed with Rep. Anthony Weiner, followed the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra, and were fooled…multiple times. Here are this week’s top tweets!
By Gabbi Baker

"To reply all, use both hands," instructs this video introducing Gmail Motion BETA, a new way to communicate from Google.

TIME Magazine picked the 140 Twitter feeds that they view as shaping the conversation, and we’re pleased to see some familiar handles who made the cut including @mikeallen, @jaketapper, @ezraklein, and of course, @pourmecoffee.

Rep. Anthony Weiner stole the show at Wednesday night’s Congressional Correspondents Dinner poking fun at John Boehner, Rahm Emanuel, Michelle Bachmann, and leading to a campaign for #AnthonyWeinerToHostSNL.

@RepWeiner: Trying to tell jokes on cspan3 tonight.#whothoughtthiswasagoodidea?

@anoyes: Rep. Anthony Weiner is killing it #congdinner

@RolandSMartin: Rep. Anthony Weiner is here with his gorgeous wife. Did he somehow bribe her to marry him? #congdinner

There’s been a lot of buzz this week about the delay of the premiere of Mad Men Season 5, but luckily yesterday, it was reported that contracts have been signed to confirm the future of the show… for 2012.

@pwgavin: I don’t care how “Mad Men” wraps up, so long as they all end up investing early in Apple

@wexler: Mad Men Season 5 is the new Arrested Development movie.

@TheAtlanticCULT: Breathe easy, Ken Cosgrove–your job is safe. Mad Men gets renewed, and no one from the cast is getting fired.

In the recent trend of fake Twitter accounts, we’ve been following the journey of the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra that disappeared last weekend and appeared on Twitter shortly after. With more than 225,000 followers (and an appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter account for April Fool’s), @BronxZoosCobra has received shout-outs from celebs like Steve MartinJon Favreau, and Ellen DeGeneres, and despite the fact that the cobra was found yesterday, we’re hoping that the tweets continued from “inside the zoo.”

@BronxZoosCobra: I want to thank those animals from the movie “Madagascar.” They were a real inspiration.

@BronxZoosCobra: Taking the Sex and the City Tour!!! I’m totally a SSSamantha. #snakeonthetown

@RyanSeacrest: Interesting fact: I was out of the zoo for the exact amount of time it takes Ryan to get his hair to look like that.

And, to close out the week, we have to highlight some of the most tweeted about April Fool’s Day jokes to hit the Internet…

@AlecJRoss: Origin of April Fools’ Day = Chaucer’s Canterbury tales (written in 1392) when “the vain cock Chauntecleer” was tricked by a fox.

@RumsfeldOffice: Sitting down with @TMZ at 6 pm ET to talk Justin Bieber, Britney’s new fragrance & #knownandunknown.

@WhipHoyer: I’m thrilled to announce that I have been selected for the next season of Dancing with the Stars #DWTS @ABC_DWTS

@lobstertruckdc: We had some extra lobster so we gave it to our food trucking buddies. Look for lobster poutine, lobster mac ‘n cheese & lobster cupcakes!

We also encourage you to check out Google, YouTube, Hulu, and LinkedIn for more April Fool’s Day pranks.

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