Twenty Something: LIV for Poetry

by WL Author

LIV’s live poetry slam offers much needed competition to DC poetry scene
By Ursula Lauriston

A packed house on LIV Wednesday's

I was just about to give up on the D.C. night scene. Not because I don’t love this city for all the wonders it has to offer. But because at some point, if you’re not really careful, just like everything else that glitters it gets old. Boring. Lusterless. That’s why when you’re reminded just how bright that gold used to glitter, it shines brighter than anything you’ve ever seen before and the thing damn near blinds you. Isn’t that feeling oh so refreshing?

Yaya keeps the poetry night moving as Emcee

My near blinding moment came in the form of LIV nightclub’s poetry slam. Every Wednesday lyricists, rappers, poets, and lovers of art come together from all over the District and neighboring states and light up the night. What Busboys has been able to achieve in ambiance, LIV doubles with  a prime sense of competition and actual talent. Be prepared to get there early as the intimate space gets packed in record speed.

Yaya, a Graffiti D.C. house team member, keeps the night going with original poetry and lyrics. My Wednesday nights are now spoken for. You’re welcome Twenty Somethings, see you next week at 8PM.

Ursula Lauriston is the author of Twenty Something, a social diary blog where she sounds off weekly on dating, D.C nightlife and events, career etiquette, and more. During the day, Ursula stays in step with the pulse of DC with her work as a Deputy Press Secretary on Capitol Hill. Follow me on Twitter.

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