Society 2.0: This Week’s “Status” Report

by Editorial

As the buzz begins about next week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, everyone’s talking about President Obama at Facebook, Charlie Sheen’s visit to D.C., and the unfortunate Georgetown flooding. Here are some of this week’s top tweets.
By Gabbi Baker

Members of the audience take pictures as President Barack Obama participates in a town hall meeting moderated by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. April 20, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

President Obama’s week started at the White House for his third annual Passover Seder…

@edhenrycnn: WH reveals the President and First Lady will host a Seder at the White House for Passover; something they have done in previous years

@lynnsweet: Sweet blog Passover seder: Obama White House uses Maxwell House Haggadah

@whitehouse: Ahead of WH Seder tonight, 8 great Passover recipes from 8 great Jewish chefs

…and continued as he traveled to California to visit Facebook’s Headquarters for a town hall meeting.

@whitehouse: The President at Facebook – photos, transcript, highlights. “make sure this isn’t just a one-way conversation…”

@ceciliakang: Zuckerberg: sorry, I’m kind of nervous. It’s the president!

@chrislhayes: For the love of God, Zuckerberg: buy some f*cking loafers.

@Politico: Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Like’ at first sight

@Chris_Moody: Mark Zuckerberg when Obama says he wants to raise his taxes: “I’m cool with that.” Obama: “I know you are.”

@pourmecoffee: Zuckerberg to Obama: If I wrote you out a check right now to clear up the debt, would you take out the Winklevoss twins?

@charliesheen: thank u DC! awesome night! epic day. the Warlock with the Zim! Nats park a beauty! and TZ is a Rock Star, NOT TMZ.

Off our radar temporarily, Charlie Sheen reappeared (although very late & escorted by a questionable police motorcade) this week to “perform” in D.C decked out in Washington Nationals Gear and ready to make a scene.

@charliesheen: thank u DC! awesome night! epic day. the Warlock with the Zim! Nats park a beauty! and TZ is a Rock Star, NOT TMZ.

@jaredchristman: @charliesheen There’s a bottle of SoCo in my freezer with your name on it if you hook me up with some tickets. That’s #winning.

@onixvh1: I work up this morning ill with stomach pains. Not sure if it was the Spicey Bite from 7-11 that I ate at midnight or The @CharlieSheen Show

@dance_DC: Why am I listed under ‘Charlie Sheen Hits DC?’ Is there a way to remove yourself from a Twitter list?

@petersuderman: Perfect: The Salahis were spotted at the Sheen show…signing autographs in the lobby:

News (and photos) spread quickly of the terrible flooding on the Georgetown waterfront earlier this week, leaving many of the area restaurants out of commission.

@dcist_updates: Images of this morning’s massive flooding inside Washington Harbour in Georgetown:

@pwgavin: We are all Georgetowners today.#neverforget

@FarmersandFishers: Due to the flooding, we’re closed for the time being. Everyone is fine, and we’re working hard to get the water out so we can re-open soon.

@SequoiaDC: Hey, we made the news…though not how we’d prefer to make the news.

@DaniloB: Georgetown waterfront flooded with several feet of water Guess no Sunday Fundays at Tony and Joe’s for a while #fb

And finally, on the note of the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Dinner…

@delrayser: I hope everyone sitting at the Washington Post’s WHCD table has their birth certificates handy.

We’ll have more WHCD buzz for you next week — stay tuned!

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