Life of the Party: Correspondents’ Brunch

by Editorial

VIPs mix and mingle at the McLaughlin Group and Reuters News Correspondents’ Brunch.
by Sherry Moeller

Ron Roys, Michelle Boggs and John McLaughlin. Image by Sherry Moeller.

On Sunday, May 1, John McLaughlin, creator, executive producer and host of The McLaughlin Group, along with Stephen Adler, editor in chief of Reuters News, hosted the Correspondents’ Brunch the day after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that for McLaughlin has been a ritual for 20-plus years. The event was held at the famed Hays Adams hotel in its newly renovated rooftop spaces. Once tented, the L-shaped reception hall is now lavishly adorned with glass doors opening to the balcony offering views of the White House and Washington Monument.

The Correspondents’ Brunch was filled with VIPs lining up for a friendly chat with McLaughlin to discuss any and every topic from Syria to the Internet. WTOP’s Bob Madigan, 94.7’s Tommy McFly, WUSA9’s Angie Goff, New York Post’s Page Six reporter Tara Palmeri, and CEOs galore, including Goldy Kamali of FedScoop, Michelle Boggs of McKinley Marketing Partners, and Nadia Subaran and John Schmiedigen of Aidan Design, enjoyed mingling with the Brunch’s guests while taking in the incredible views. Mary Amons of the Real Housewives of DC attended, as did Carol Joynt, who will be on a book tour this month with an excerpt of her book Innocent Spouse in the latest Washingtonian issue.

Nigel Ballard, Goldy Kamali, Tommy McFly and Bob Madigan. Image by Sherry Moeller.

Other guests included Ann and Lloyd Hand, CNN’s Ed Henry, Ambassador John Negroponte, Congressman Jim Moran, Georgette Moschbacher, Morgan Fairchild, T. Boone Pickens, Jamie Gorelick, Major Garrett, Lucky Roosevelt, Jim Kimsey, David Corn, George Condon, Senator John Barrasso, Esther Coopersmith, Eleanor Clift, Clarence Page, Bill Press, Lawrence O’Donnell, Stuart Holliday, Tony Blankley, Gillian Tett, Norm Ornstein, Michael and Meryl Chertoff, David Corn, Tom Quinn, Nigel Ballard, and Arnaud de Borchgrave.

Food and drink were plentiful with made-to-order omelettes, carving stations, smoked salmon, sauteed vegetables, fruit and pastries along with mimosas, Bloody Marys and champagne. For all who attended the Correspondents’ Brunch, it was a wonderful end to a weekend filled with White House Correspondents’ celebrations.

Carol Joynt, John Schmiedigen and Nadia Subaran. Image by Sherry Moeller.

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