2011 Substance and Style Awards

by Editorial

Our Substance and Style distinction honors individuals who have worked to improve the quality of life on the local and national scenes. Honorees come from various backgrounds and walks of life and exemplify what it means to graciously give of their time and talents for the greater good.

Men of Substance and Style
John Berry, Scott Brown, Dino Djalal, Jonathan Silver

Women of Substance and Style
Gina Adams, Dee Dee Myers, Pandit Wright, Lissette Bishins Sanchez

PHOTOGRAPHY by Tony Powell

Jonathan Silver

The former venture capitalist and policy advisor to four Cabinet secretaries (energy, commerce, interior and treasury) was the perfect pick to head the largest private fi nance effort in the United States, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Offi ce. He is currently overseeing the Obama Administration’s efforts to guarantee $70 billion in investment programs for alternative energy projects and $20 billion for advanced automotive technology. Photography by Tony Powell. 

John Berry

The fi rst openly gay director of the U.S. Offi ce of Personnel Management oversees 1.9 million federal civilian workers and has the power to shut down the government with just one phone call. As a longtime federal worker himself, Berry is working to make the government “cool” and has helped widen teleworking for federal employees. Photography by Tony Powell.

Dee Dee Myers

Formerly the fi rst female White House press secretary for Bill Clinton, Myers is a pro at balancing substance and style. Currently a consultant with Glover Park, she was recently named ambassador for Jones New York’s women’s empowerment campaign. Photography by Tony Powell.

Pandit Wright

Currently President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, she is also an extremely accomplished business woman who has held executive positions in industryleading organizations including Discovery Communications, Salomon Brothers and Aetna. Photography by Tony Powell.

Dino Djalal

A best-selling author and trusted confi dante of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Djalal has served as his country’s ambassador only since August but has already made his mark on the capital’s diplomatic and social scene. It doesn’t hurt that he hails from a top diplomatic family (he went to high school in McLean when his father served here) nor that he has his astonishingly glamorous wife, Rosa Djalal, at his side. Photography by Tony Powell.

Gina Adams

As senior vice president for government affairs at Fedex, Adams has a position of power and infl uence. Yet, she still fi nds time to be personally involved in several philanthropic endeavors, among them education and women’s issues. Photography by Tony Powell.

Scott Brown

Brown’s come-from-behind victory to win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat marked him as a harbinger of G.O.P. victories in nationwide elections last year. Since then he’s established a thoughtfully moderate voting record that seems to appeal to his Massachusetts constituents. How else, one might ask, is a Republican going to get re-elected in such an overwhelmingly Democratic state? Photography by Tony Powell.

Lissette Bishin Sanchez


The executive director of Carpenter’s Shelter has a rich history with non-profi ts and fulfi lls vital administrative roles in several different organizations. Originally from Miami and the daughter of Cuban immigrants, she currently lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two children. Photography by Tony Powell.



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