The Dish: D.C.’s Native Cocktail

J.W. Marriott hosts an event to honor the naming of The Rickey as the district’s official drink.

Congresswoman unveils a plaque honoring the birthplace of The Rickey cocktail. (photo by )

The Rickey may be over 120 years old, but it’s hangin’ in there strong.

Washingtonians gathered at the J.W. Marriott, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, for Councilmember announcement of The Rickey, made with ingredients like gin or bourbon and a splash of lime, being officially named the district’s native cocktail.

First created in 1880 by bartender George A. Williamson, The Rickey was born at Shoomaker’s Bar, the location where the J.W. Marriott now sits.  In honor of this official naming, the J.W. Marriot hosted an event at the 1331 Bar & Lounge, inside the hotel.

Special guests included writer and bartender , author and historian  and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, who unveiled a plaque honoring the birthplace of the Rickey Shoomakers cocktails.   Also in attendance was a number of bartenders from the DC Craft Bartenders Guild.

Guest enjoyed a seemingly endless supply of The Rickey cocktails.

The district’s native cocktail will be available at half-price at the J.W. Marriott through July.

Writer and bartender Derek Brown Author of "Prohibition in Washington, DC: How Dry We Weren't" Garrett Peck at the J.W. Marriott. (photo by Zaid Hamid)

from Rasika and from Tabard Inn at the Rickey cocktail event. (photo by Zaid Hamid)

Cocktail guru and of the Laughing Cocktail. (photo by Zaid Hamid)

Washingtonians gathered at the J.W. Marriott to honor the Rickey cocktail. (photo by Zaid Hamid)

Bourbon and gin Rickey cocktails. (photo courtesy of Mark Indre, J.W. Marriott)

The plaque honoring the birthplace of The Rickey, Shoomaker's bar, where the J.W. Marriott hotel is now located (photo by Zaid Hamid)

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