Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

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A $1M perfume, $18,000 flip flops, iPad cases from Bernie Madoff’s pants and elevators that Tweet.
By Nichole Devolites

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What economy woes?  This past week, we’ve seen a rash of luxe items go up for sale, including a $1,000,000 perfume, an $18,000 pair of flip flops and an iPad case made out of Bernie Madoff’s pants.

In other outrageous news, 10-year-old French model Thylane Loubry Blondeau’s mother has temporarily taken down the model’s Facebook page, over too many negative comments about her daughter’s pictures in Vogue and other high-fashion French magazines.

Move over Anthony Weiner, it looks as though it will now be acceptable to post pictures of yourself… at least on this site: My Body Gallery.  The site aims to show women (and men) that whatever shape/size you are, there are other people out there just like you.

… and speaking of social sites, Twitter now has some “sky-high” Twitter handles, added to their list of accounts, including Conde Nast ElevatorGoldman Sachs Elevator and Hearst Elevator.  Better perfect that “elevator pitch” because you never know who is listening… or tweeting.

Still, after all the hype a whopping two days later, the mysterious Conde Nast Elevator tweeter seems to have retired for the time being, as everyone continues to speculate who the culprit is.

Speaking of pointing fingers, it was announced late last week that Christian Louboutin lost his case against YSL. Still, the drama isn’t over.  Louboutin is to appeal the judge’s decision, which could do more harm than good, causing a cancellation of their trademark entirely.  How all this started?  Louboutin reps were busy going from store to store getting YSL’s red-heeled shoes yanked from the shelves.

… and speaking of YSL, check out their non-red-soled Robyn T-Strap sandal.  It’s a beautiful blend of art and fashion.

Look out Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Sean JohnMichael Kors label is taking top billing at $2.5 billion.  This valuation was determined after Mr. Kors decided to sell a minority stake of his company to his ‘inner circle’.

In other designer news, read an in-depth interview with Frida Giannini here.  See where she comes up with most of her ideas – think four wheels and plenty of horses.

Fashion’s Night Out is less than a month away and they have launched a brand new app to help you map out your night.

Want an app that helps you shop 24/7?  Google has announced the launch of its new iPad app: Google Catalogs.

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