Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

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90’s brand revivals, Chevy Chase listed as top place to shop luxury, Miss Piggy at Fashion’s Night out, and will Lady Gaga will become a Mrs.?
By Nichole Devolites

Infographic, Courtesy of Valerie Willis

It seems there have been a whole slew of celebrity weddings in the last few weeks, including celebrated designer Michael Kors.  Check out his simple, yet elegant wedding ring.

Still, there are more weddings to come, including Lauren Bush’s to Ralph Lauren’s son David.  His sister Dylan married just a few weeks ago.  Given her soon-to-be double name, read more on what Lauren is choosing as her married name.

It has also been rumored that Lady Gaga is getting married.  Although it’s still speculation, plenty of bookies are already taking bets on who her wedding gown designer will be.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, her little sister, Natali Germanotta, seems to be making her own name in the fashion world.  Currently attending Parsons, it is rumored she will be co-designing a collection with Gaga soon.

Fashion’s Night Out is almost here and who better to make an appearance at the opening ceremonies than the fashionable Muppet we all love – Miss Piggy.

What else we might be able to see while snagging up fall fashions during its night out?  Some fabulous collaborations, including sunglasses by Suno, snow boots by Marc Jacobs, polos by Jonathan Adler and more.

… this includes Bebe’s workwear line they have just launched.  The question is, how popular would it be in a conservative town, such as Washington D.C.?  Would you wear it?

Also available during Fashion’s Night Out at Nicola Formichetti’s pop-up shop, don’t miss this head-spinning design.  Although there will no shortage of places to re-apply your lipstick.

Launching this week: Karl Lagerfeld’s Macy’s line. Check out his interview clip here and get ready to shop!

And as we have seen, collaborations aren’t exclusive to apparel.  Designers have found ways to spread fashion everywhere, including luxury highrises and hotels.  From Target to Manila, see Missoni’s latest project.

There seems to be a new theme developing in the fashion world: brand revival.  It started with Sperry Top-Sider and their soon-to-be 5,000 sq. ft. retail deal on 5th Avenue, which will house their largest collection of fashionably boat chic shoes.  It then trickled down to Lacoste, who are peppering their alligator logo on everything from uniforms to food trucks.  Now, all eyes are on Brooks Brothers new collection that attempts to lure the college-aged students with hipper designs … and vintage video games.

Well, it’s out.  The top 25 most expensive shops in the U.S. , such as Oscar de la Renta (which takes the top spot), as well as the cities that contributed to this list.  Topping the mentions: Chevy Chase, MD.

For all of us that LOVE Tory Burch, there may be a whole new way in which to “invest”.  Rumor has it there could be a planned IPO in the works.

The rumors are also gaining strength that Marc Jacobs will succeed John Galliano at Dior.

Finally, rumors are beginning to swirl that the famed Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit will be coming home to the UK.  Stay tuned for more on this new development.  In the mean time, start looking into flights.

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