Power Source: A Night to Remember

The Congressional Black Caucus Awards Dinner was a purposeful celebration of progress and excellence.

Addresses the CBC Awards Dinner. (Photo by John Nelson)

Over the past 40 years, the Congressional Black Caucus has emerged as a major force. This years CBC Awards Dinner was a strong statement as to the political, economic, and cultural influence this group plays in American life. Attendees that represented the most accomplished of their professions flocked to affirm their solidarity towards positively influencing America towards greater accomplishments. President Obama urged the crowd to continue aiming for change and progress. Power Source was proud to witness the Caucus and its supporters thriving and united.

and . (Photo by Adoria Doucette)

III and his wife Arndrea. (Photo by Adoria Doucette)

Author . (Photo by Adoria Doucette)

and . (Photo by Adoria Doucette)

Rep. , Congressional Gold Medal Winner , Former Los Angeles City Counsel Member . (Photo by Adoria Doucette)

, CBC Founding Member Rep. , and . (Photo by Adoria Doucette)


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  1. Roger James says:

    Very insightful article. Hopefully those present at the breakfast were able to understand where President Obama was coming from and try to work with him and not against him

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