Life of the Party: Fit and Fabulous

by Editorial

The opening of Vida Fitness and Bang Salon was anything but your average day at the gym.
By Shira Karsen

Cirque Du Soleil performers hanging from cables in the Aura Spa at Vida Fitness.

We all know that feeling. You’re working out, pumping hardcore to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” on the elliptical only to catch a glimpse of yourself–and the partner next to you–in the mirror. You’re dripping sweat; she’s dripping dainty diamonds. You’re wearing your ex-boyfriend’s cutoff T-shirt and she’s wearing a tight pair of Lululemon‘s power yoga stretch pants. If you want to feel more like a gym bunny and less like a gym rat  try David von Storch’s  hot new U St. “lifestyle” complex Vida Fitness and Bang Salon(the name, which also includes Capitol City Brewing Co., Aura Spa, 901 Restaurant & Bar, and Penthouse Pool Club, is just about as long as the complex is large). And considering the target member is somewhat hip and fit, the grand opening on Saturday, September 17th was nothing less than what we were expecting.

The opening had D.C.’s 20-somethings tapping their flexed toes to beats from trendy DJ Jason Royce, while sipping Capitol City brewed beer and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres fresh from the 901 kitchen (obviously healthy snacks…daily gym-goers will be at the complex mainly to work out). Cirque du Soleil performers swung from suspended cables, and as guests gossiped lightly, they were witness to the unveiling of rooftop Penthouse Pool Club (swanky, we know).

When the complex isn’t doubling as a onetime nightclub, members will be able to go from enjoying 8 different types of yoga, to aerobic classes and personal training sessions on the main floor. The next three floors are dedicated to pampering yourself at Aura Spa and Bang Salon, grabbing a bite to eat at 901 Restaurant & bar, and sunning your fabulous self up at the penthouse pool. With all these amenities, we can only imagine what membership cost is, but for anyone who wants to work out in obvious style, we’d say its worth it.

To check out Vida U St. and their other locations, click here

David von Storch, the owner of Vida Fitness, at his grand opening with a friend. Photo by Abby Greenawalt.

Two guests sipping drinks at 901 Restaurant & Bar. Photo by Abby Greenawalt.

Two guests at the grand opening of U St.'s Vida Fitness and Bang Salon

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