Paint The Town: Blurring Sound and Sight

by Editorial

Thanks to 5 stateside and international artists, 21st century sound art has arrived at Artisphere Gallery.
By Christina Hubmann

The Graphite Sequencer. Photo by Caleb Coppock.

They are from the States, Canada, U.K., Japan and Germany and they transform a gallery space into a hub of sensory information. The sites of signal are noise, presence, and absence. Confused? Yeah, so are we. But what we’re talking about is an exhibition debut from the artistsCaleb Coppock, Mark Fell, Andy Graydon, Ryoji Ikeda and France Jobin at DC area Artisphere Terrace Gallery.

This new media installation work utilizes the thematic implications of the data field. The idea is that data are points flowing through fields – points filled with information. The information is important, but something we never get to hear, feel, see, or touch. This bizarre, incredibly unique and highly sensory art allows the audience to view the transfer of data.

And yes, even if the boundary between sight and sound isn’t clear, you certainly sharpen your senses along the way.

The new media exhibition Data/Fields is open until November 27, 2011 in Artisphere Arts Center, Arlington. Artist Richard Chartier creates the sound for the installation. The gallery is open for free.

The Data/Fields exhibit.

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