Night Life: Bar-Code Turns One

by Editorial

For one wild night, this D.C. lounge will throw down in honor of surviving its first 12 months.
By Shira Karsen

Inside Bar-Code, Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge on 17th Street

We love a good birthday party, especially if it’s for a one of those special hybrids, the restaurant-bar-lounge. So lucky for us – and you – Bar-Code on 17th Street has been open for one successful year, and they plan to let everyone know about it. On Saturday, November 5th, they will be hosting a complimentary VIP cocktails from 7-10pm, complete with hors d’oeuvres (and these hors d’oeuvres aren’t just the basic mozzarella sticks and pigs in a blanket– Bar Code has their own restaurant, so we’re talking about small bites on the scale of grilled shrimp and bruschetta). Doors open at 10 for the general public, and from there the night is any one’s guess.

For more information and to RSVP, click here or email with “anniversary” as the subject.

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