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$630,000 “Manolo Blahniks”, a Fendi Maserati, Guylashes, the Capital Region is full of shopaholics, and a guide to “Glamping”.
By Nichole Devolites

Maserati will start taking orders at the end of 2011 for its Fendi inspired car.

Just when you thought that drugs had been smuggled in every conceivable way, another was found and this time, it took the high fashion route.  See which famous footwear designer’s label was smacked onto these “shoes” and how much these “shoes” were worth.

What will not be fake: Ryan Gosling’s leather jacket collection.  Rumor has it he will be collaborating with a famous label to design them.

Also not fake: The Maserati GranCabrio Fendi.  A price has not yet been established but Maserati will start taking orders at the end of 2011.

What IS fake: Guylashes. Yes, first it was guyliner and then manscara but now, men have the option of understanding why it takes a woman so long to get ready.

According to, Arlington, Virginia is the second most “shopaholic” city in the U.S.  I may or may not have contributed heavily to the spending-per-month average. Who was first? Washington D.C. See how all the big spending cities ranked here.

…and every woman needs something to hold her wallet in around here, while spending that monthly average.  Try Comme des Garçons tendy Cambridge satchel bag.

But what good would your new purchases be without a home to put them in?  The controversial Jenna Lyons is putting her Park Slope townhouse on the market, which means there are closets … lots of them.

Wanting to “rough it” for a weekend this fall but aren’t sure what to pack?  Check out Vogue’s guide to “Glamping” – probably one of the most expensive chic camping trips you will ever take.  Because you know, most of us think Hermes when we pack our folding chairs.

… and if you get a scrape, hiking in your stiletto hiking boots? The luxury gods have something for that too: designer bandaids.

But what if you have no chic carrying case for that “classy” box of wine?  It looks like that has been covered too.

Need to get that campfire smell off of your Celine sweater? Try the soon-to-be developed line of Tory Burch fragrances.

In other news … Marc Jacobs is at it again.  This time, we’re not sure what he’s dressed as…

Also perplexing, this creation by Philip Treacy.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time to see the celebrity recap of what everyone wore to their festive fetes, including one very pregnant “mummy”.

With Thanksgiving creeping up and Black Friday following not too far behind, Macys and Target have both announced their marathon shopping hours.  Nothing says shopping energy like consuming mass amounts of turkey first.

In fact, one would need a lot of energy to be able to shop even the soon-to-be 39,000 square foot shoe salon being added to the Macys New York flagship store.  I’m going to need a bigger shoe closet.

Move over Occupy Wall Street – there’s a new protest in town and it’s taking place in front of Dash in L.A.

… another brand moving mass crowds:  MissoniSee what the family thinks about the infamous Target website crash and what this is leading them to consider with the mid-market consumers.

What mob you won’t see anymore: The running of the brides at Filene’s Basement. According to the Bloomberg News, they are shuttering their doors in January 2012 due to no bidders.

Not completely mob-worthy but close: A long line of Tom Ford fanatics, waiting to snatch up his new beauty line at Bergdorf Goodman’sRumor has it, he sold $52,000 of makeup in one night.

Alas, love is still in the air.  Sure, you may not be able to buy a wedding dress at ridiculously cheap prices.  Heck, you might need a groom first.  This is where Diane Von Furstenberg has you covered.  In three cities, she is partnering with to provide first date wear tips.

Audrey Hepburn’s Oscar gown is up for sale and is expected to start at $64,000 on the auction block.

Chanel wants to start your kids early.  They have created a special place on their site called, “Kid’s Space” where the tots can design their own Chanel wear.  Is this sign of a pending Karl Lagerfeld replacement search?

It was announced that Tom Ford will be dressing Daniel Craig for his last Bond movie.  In related news, women still don’t see the point of Daniel Craig even getting dressed.

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