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This week was full of “game overs” – Berlusconi stepped down as Prime Minister, JoePa was fired, and Eddie Murphy threw in the towel. Here’s how the twitterverse reacted.
By Christina Hubmann

Silvio Berlusconi isn't the Prime Minister of Italy any more.

The conservative Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, offered to resign after he lost majority in Parliament. In a telephone call to the state broadcaster RAI, Berlusconi said, “Today’s vote reinforced my concerns about the moment that we are experiencing, a situation where the markets do not believe that we really want to introduce the liberalizing measures that Europe insistently asked us to carry out.” What was said on Twitter about it:

@colmtobin: BREAKING: In a desperate act of political survival Silvio Berlusconi has just poked Angela Merkel on Facebook. #euro

@ITVLauraK: For your diary tomorrow, Berlusconi budget vote around 3.30 – will two euro leaders be shoved out by eurozone probs in the same week?

@DMReporter: ITALY: Silvio Berlusconi updates Facebook status to “it’s complicated.”

@thewritertype: LATEST. After using Facebook to deny he’s resigning, Berlusconi puts Italy on eBay.

@ezraklein: For a really great book on Berlusconi’s rise, and Italian politics in general, check out ‘The Sack of Rome’:

@Queen_UK: No, Mr Berlusconi, one cannot “lend you fifty quid”. Sod off.

@mchancecnn: Italian Media reporting that Umberto Bossi, Berlusconi’s main coalition partner, asked Berlusconi to step down!! this is big

@ITVLauraK: Important voice, Umberto Bossi, from Northern League in Italy, Berlusconi’s coalition partner, suggests he’s asked Berlusconi to go

@indiaknight: Didn’t know until last night that Berlusconi had delayed the release of his CD of love songs due to current climate. By a month.

@Nouriel: Replacing Berlusconi with one of his servile lackeys is unacceptable. Italy needs a credible government run by a respected &competent leader

@MooreintheAM: Sylvio Berlusconi to resign. Says he has missed much of his hookers’ childhoods and would like to spend more quality time with them.

@BenjySarlin: Will be sad to have Berlusconi gone. Reliably raised American spirits whenever we felt too bad about our own government.

@mjrobbins: Slightly ironic that the EU and financial sector achieved what ‘democracy’ couldn’t in toppling Berlusconi :/

@ReformedBroker: If Berlusconi would just resign once a week, the entire fiscal crisis could be solved with equity cap gains, put THAT in your textbooks

@someecards: Sorry Italy has become more embarrassing than Jersey Shore.

@hellobuglers: Berlusconi: “Don’t see this as a crazy leader departing. See it as an opportunity for an even crazier leader to step up to the crazy plate.”

@ColonelTribune: I can’t say what Berlusconi said on the yacht in the Tyrrhenian Sea, except to say it was embarrassing, and a contessa threw wine at him.

@Becker_Boris: Seems like berlusconi is gone …

@corneezy: shoutout to berlusconi! u might have collapsed the world economy, but u did it like a real G!

@YanniKouts: here are three dramas shaking the world right now: Berlusconi, Greece’s new PM & Kim Kardashian’s divorce. Oh yes, and Iran’s got the bomb.

@tetsell: Berlusconi has agreed to withdraw from the election. And then ejaculate on its back.

@nprscottsimon: Whatever you think about Berlusconi, I will miss the way NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli says his name.

@techsoc: Berlusconi and Papandreou are gone. Arab Spring and American, European Fall. Where is Winter?

@moronwatch: Dear Italia, the rest of Europe knew Berlusconi was a moron years ago. But you kept electing him. Now look. Moronissimi!

@sickolia_ :All the Guys with Beautiful women are either being killed or resigning.First it Was Gadaffi Now Berlusconi.

@cjsnowdon: Gadaffi – dead. Bin Laden – dead. Hussein – dead. Mubarak – gone. Berlusconi – on his way. And yet Sepp Blatter clings to power. How?

@AlanKohler: Berlusconi was Italy’s best hope: Mussolini: “Governing the Italians is not impossible, it is merely useless”.

@dandrezner: Silvio Berlusconi hosts the Oscars. Eddie Murphy coaches Penn State. Joe Paterno becomes Italian PM. #threeproblemssolvedinonetweet

@TIME: Top 10 worst Silvio Berlusconi gaffes |

Joe Paterno, the former and successful head coach of the football team Penn State Nittany Lions since 1966 was fired by the Penn State Board of Trusteese because of an ongoing child-abuse scandal involving one of his former assistant coaches. In their mind, Paterno did nothing to stop the alleged sexual abuse of young boys.

@wilnerhotline: Paterno supporters upset that he was fired via phone call. But that’s all he did upon hearing about 2002 shower incident: one phone call..

@schadjoe: When Paterno called he was told “you are relieved of your duties.”

@chipscoggins: ESPN reports Paterno upset with way he was told he was fired. Considering all that has happened on his watch, this is what concerns him?

@schadjoe: Person close to Paterno: “Board said… Frenzy… Horrific subject matter… We can’t have focus on Joe for up to five more games.”

@OnwardState: It’s worth noting that Paterno came outside his house and addressed students, telling them to go home and study.

@darrenrovell: “The minute you think you’ve got it made, disaster is just around the corner.” – Joe Paterno

@jimcramer: I am NOT disagreeing with the idea that Paterno was a bad actor. I am just expressing amazement; sadness

@SethDavisHoops: Paterno had to go. No excuse for his actions (or inactions). But it breaks my heart to see him go out this way.

@andylevy: Oh God at some point Hitler’s gonna find out Paterno got fired, isn’t he.

@mayorofponce: Penn St should name Bowden head coach so he can get the most all time wins. Then Paterno would know how it feels to get f-ed by an old man.

@czabe: Paterno fired by phone. Perfect. The board did the MINIMUM required, just as JoePa did in 2002. Sweet irony.

@bydanielvictor: Understand Paterno means far more to Penn Staters for what we thought was an untouched island of integrity than for his wins. Far, far more.

@darrenrovell: The latin root Pater means “father.” Paterno was fired because he failed to be one.

@johnmoe: Contrary to coverage, Joe Paterno is not legendary. Paul Bunyan is legendary. Joe Paterno is an actual person.

@LoniLove: Found a picture of Joe Paterno and wife when they where younger

@psufootball: Bradley: “Coach Paterno will go down in history as one of the greatest men.”

@dcseth: Imagine if Paterno had retired in the 90’s and Sandusky had been hired. Actually, don’t.

@jamesboice: Anybody who supports Paterno or protests his firing is a twisted sycophant who will support anything so long as it’s big, old and mighty.

@danieltosh: if you feel bad for joe paterno it’s because you are an awful person.

@VsEpilepsy: People who defend Joe Paterno are sick. He knew sexual abuse went on. He didn’t tell the police. Kids lives are forever damaged.

@BoweKnows: I’m shocked Joe Paterno was able to turn a blind eye through those HUMONGOUS GLASSES.

@JustAnotherMo: The morning coffee clatch just had a vicious Paterno discussion. Apparently some people think he did his job and shouldn’t be fired.

@CandiceBenbow: “Joe Paterno is not Eddie Long” will be posted hopefully by 6. This day got ridiculously busy really quick.

@afuaaaa: There seems to be a missing puzzle piece to this Paterno story. If he wasn’t bothered enough to make sure Sandusky got reprimanded…

@cesareDH: Joe Paterno reported the abuse. The football team needs to refuse to play. The administration needs to be fired, no Joe.

@allie_wags: After finally reading what happened, I can’t believe people are supporting Joe Paterno.

@ceoMarkZuck: “Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.” – Joe Paterno

Eddie Murphy, following pal Brett Ratner’s decision to leave the show as producer, is no longer hosting the 84th annual Academy Awards any more. The Academy announced that Murphy was dropping out as the Oscar host, just one day after Ratner stepped aside amid a storm of criticism over his use of an anti-gay slur.

@firstshowing: What the… Eddie Murphy is no longer hosting the Oscars either because Brett Ratner’s gone! My goodness, what is happening AMPAS?!

@buckhollywood: I am glad Eddie Murphy is not hosting the Oscars. I vote for Tina Fey! or Kristin Wiig! #Oscars

@papermagazine: 10 very compelling reasons why Eddie Murphy should not host the #Oscars

@MuppetOscars: Oh baby we’re back in business! Eddie Murphy exits as Oscars host in wake of Brett Ratner’s resignation

@dailycandy: Eddie Murphy is out. Who do you want to host the Oscars? We immediately think of @AlecBaldwin.

@AlecMapa: If Eddie Murphy is out as Oscar host, I’d prefer another black man as his replacement. I vote for Justin Timberlake.

@funnyordie: Eddie Murphy & Brett Ratner should start their own awards show across the street from the Oscars with strippers and cocaine and no awards.

@mashable: Eddie Murphy Out as Oscar Host, Twitterverse Explodes –

@DamonLindelof: This just in. Brian Grazer trying to lure Eddie Murphy back with promise of rehearsals. Lots and lots of rehearsals.

@GreenBenchTV: Eddie Murphy says he’s done with family movies and wants to get raw again. That’s right folks! Mr. Filth Flarm Filth is back!

@LudovicSpeaks: If Eddie Murphy acting stupid is called cooning, what do we call Perry, Palin, and Bush?

@DaPhreshPrince: Is Eddie Murphy not doin the Oscrs cuz he tryn to support his homie Brett Ratnr? #conspiracytheorist

@WEGOHARDDOTORG: Eddie Murphy scared …. This was his chance to get the “spotlight” back ..

@KamalSmith: I’m kinda sick on Eddie Murphy rt now

@thelukaskaiser: Haven’t been following the news this week, but all I know is, I can’t wait for Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars and the next Penn State game!

@JaredDouglas: I, for one, was stoked to see Eddie Murphy host the Oscars. Bummed that he’s out. Can Brian Grazer find a suitable replacement? I’m unsure.

@what_am_idoing: Sooo Eddie Murphy isn’t hosting the Oscars anymore?! What a tease.

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