Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

A shooting near the White House, the Occupy movement moves and the Southeast hit by tornados (again). The twitterverse responds….
By Christina Hubmann

There was a shooting near the White House last week. Photo by Chris Christner.

DC’s Occupy protesters marched from McPherson Square to the Key Bridge and protesters were arrested in a number of other cities.

@sweetritha: How Twitter Makes Money From Occupy Wall Street: By Michael Comeau Nov 17, 2011 11:00 am Through promoted accoun…

@BlackCanseco: Occupy voting booths. Occupy offices of Corporate Lobbyists. Occupy offices of alderman and congress reps. But occupying traffic? Uh, no.

@ucmytwitts: Just got an email from Red Envelope. It says “Occupy Friday” lol. Is that what we are doing now with Occupy Wall Street?

@nprnews: At Occupy Wall Street: Some Arrests; A Chaotic ‘Morning Rush’

@MMFlint: You don’t have to be in NYC to participate in this #OWS Day of Action! Actions occurring everywhere. Type “occupy” & your city into Facebook

@warrenellis: Thanks for the TRANSMET love. But remember: Spider Jerusalem isn’t real. The people of #Occupy are. They need your support more. #OWS

@kasthomas: Amazing how Congress doesn’t have money to put people back to work, but every major city has millions to spend putting down #Occupy protests

@KeithOlbermann: How ABOUT that, #Occupy folks? There should be a leader and we’ve found her: 84-year old Dorli Rainey – best interviewee ever!

@hipstermermaid: If only the fashion police treated guys who wear Crocs like the real police treat occupy wall street protesters.

@kevinwmoore: Occupy didn’t fail when homeless and drug addicted people turned to the camps for refuge, clothing and food. Local government failed.

@kpereira: Growing tired of Occupy protestors cursing and screaming at police. Sit down. Remain calm. Abuse will appear exponentially extreme.

@thatgirlkatt: I am fully doused in pepperspray, cop Mike Eastman beat me with his bike again. I had my hands up the whole time. I am peaceful! #occupy

@_chrisgarcia: I think the OWS movement should occupy Black Friday. Make it impossible to go to Target, everybody!

@WyattBoz: Occupy LA closes Financial District. Occupy Portland closes Steel Bridge. Occupy Wall St. shutting down Liberty Sq. 30,000 march in Greece.

@haydenblack: If enough Occupy protestors are arrested, the jail over-crowding means real criminals on the street. Who’d you rather have in a park?

@bobbymacReports: I signed a CWA letter protesting the NYPD’s arrest of journalists trying to cover Occupy Wall Street. Full disclosure.

@StephenAtHome: I have one thing to say to all those occupy protesters: GET A JOB! Once one becomes available in America.

The 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested Wednesday in connection with rifle shots fired near the White House. There are indications that Mr. Ortega-Hernandez felt he was part of a “personal mission from God,” the Associated Press reported, quoting investigative authorities. The president was on a trip outside Washington at the time of the shooting Friday night.

@AaronMehta: Apparently one or multiple suspects fleeing on foot after shooting at the White House. Crazy.

@cwilk: …the dude shooting on the White House knows the President is watching basketball surrounded by military right?

@PEARLfectChassi: Why would somebody be crazy enough to be shooting at the White House?

@Arktist: Shooting near White House. President Obama is on West Coast heading for Hawaii and not in DC.

@KFINEWS: We’re following reports of shooting & police chase near White House. NBC Washington says assault rifle recovered but suspect still loose.

@ripedcherry: After White House shooting, security likely to get a second look – Christian Science Monitor

@Wolfrum: Remember when someone shooting at the White House was bigger news than a pizza magnate saying something ignorant? Good times.

@thejoelstein: Even when the guy shooting at the White house is a young, non-white, liberal, he’s still from Idaho.

@xoxostephxoxo: I love living here. “@BreakingNews: White House area shooting update: Suspect at large; recovered machine gun appears equipped with scope”

@Enji16: Some KKK member shooting up the White House.

Seven months after the “Super Dixie Outbreak” of deadly tornados that hit the Southeast, residents were reeling once again from storm-related death and destruction on Thursday.

@athensgaweather: Folks around Rome south to Cedartown in NW Georgia should keep an eye on the storm in east Alabama. History of producing tornado warnings.

@JGriff15: Safest place during a tornado would be the #Colts stadium, no chance of a touchdown there…

@M_Sain22: Everybody has that “f*ck it, the tornado never comes attitude” but were all gonna be salty #AF when it actually happens lmfao

@tuscaloosacity: The City of Tuscaloosa is under a tornado watch effective until 10am.

@CBS42: URGENT – Text friends and family in Auburn Opelika area…have them take cover for tornado RIGHT NOW!

@Mocurrie25: Yall be safe in Atlanta! I see there’s a tornado warning down there.

@therealmarymary: Dear Tornado in ATL can you please not touch down on the ground just stay in the air and float on! Amen!

@wareaglereader: A photo of one of the Auburn tornadoes: [via]

@wyffnews4: Slideshow: Tornado Destroys Homes, Buildings: Three people were killed and several others injured when a tornado…

@UncleIva: consider volunteering this holiday season. tornado victims, as well as others, are in need. there is no greater gift than love!

@kokomodianne: Veterinary clinic workers about one mile from the touchdown spot say they never heard the sirens… but watched the tornado hit…

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