Twenty Something: Laugh It Up

by Editorial

Chinatown’s newest comedy joint Riot Act keeps the laughs (and cringes) coming.
By Ursula Lauriston

Tony Woods performed at the Riot Act Comedy Theater opening in August 2011.

Barely a 100 days old, Riot Act is already making its mark in the Chinatown nightlife scene. The 13,000 square foot showroom has brought in some of the best names in comedy – as well as those hoping to make it big. Just last week, I stopped by for the Tuesday night open-mic and laughed till I cried. Not everyone is funny though – when I wasn’t laughing, I was cringing.

The night is a mixture of first-time and veteran comics and is not only a great date night option – there are 2 bars and food is served while you enjoy the show – but also a really great way to get to know the local talent this city has to offer.

Tickets for the open mic are only 10 bucks and whether you laugh or not you will ABSOLUTELY have something to talk about. The space is set up with a communal feel, so meeting people sitting near you or at your table is super easy.

You’re welcome Twenty Something’s!!

Ursula Lauriston is the author of Twenty Something. Follow her on Twitter.

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