Life of the Party: Year of the Dragon

by Editorial

Hilton Hotels & Resorts ring in the Chinese New Year with a 40-foot dragon and ambitious customer-minded plans.
By Tyler Sullivan

Hilton Hotels & Resorts ushers in the Year of the Dragon with an authentic Chinese New Year celebration Tuesday, January 17, at Washington Hilton. (Photo courtesy Hilton Hotels & Resorts)

The Chinese zodiac-year of the Dragon symbolizes a year of some of the mightiest traits. Ambition, dominance, passion and drive all carry the fate of 2012 — plunging headfirst into the new year, unafraid of challenge or subtlety.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts, with their program, Hilton Huanying, has the same mentality, taking ambition to a whole new level with the unveiling and consequent kick-off of the Chinese New Year with a 40-foot custom-designed traditional Chinese dragon.

The unveiling, held January 17 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC, was accompanied by a traditional lion dance, as well as the appearance and support of various community leaders, dignitaries and tour operators.

Hilton Huanying, the unique worldwide program for Chinese travelers, is named after the Chinese word for “welcome.” Already in place at more than 60 hotels in 15 countries, the program aims to provide special amenities and traditions to participating Chinese guests, making their stay more authentic to their expectations and cultural needs.

“Our observance of the Chinese New Year builds on the authentic welcome we provide the growing number of international Chinese travelers through Hilton Huanying,” says Global Head of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Dave Horton. “In key destinations around the globe, we will celebrate the Year of the Dragon with familiar comforts for our guests. As Hilton Huanying continues to expand and enter new markets, we remain committed to meeting the needs of today’s Chinese travelers and providing compelling reasons to choose Hilton.”

The celebrations of the Chinese New Year, which began January 23, are marked by various additions to the Hilton Huanying experience. Aside from complimentary lobby décor, featuring displays of oranges and tangerines, symbolic of wealth and good luck in Chinese culture, Hilton will be offering HHonors guests with red envelopes containing 1,000 bonus points, symbolizing luck for the coming year; special menu selections featuring tradition holiday fare; as well as authentic hot and cold dishes, ranging from steamed fish and minced beef to poached bok choy and wok-fried noodles.

The front desk will also provide at least one member fluent in Mandarin; a selection of Chinese tea upon request, as well as tea kettles, slippers and a television channel dedicated to Chinese programming; and traditional breakfast items of congee, dim sum, fried rice and noodles.

The program is already in place in five hotels in DC alone: Washington Hilton, Capital Hilton, Hilton Washington Dulles Airport, Embassy Suites Washington DC and Embassy Suites Washington DC Convention Center, and is available to any hotel within Hiton Worldwide’s 10 market leading brands. For more information on the program and Hilton’s ever-evolving commitment to their customers, click here.

So Washington, inspired yet?

We say let’s all take a lesson from Hilton. Whether you’re a dragon, an ox, a goat, or a snake, it’s time to take the reigns of this new year by storm, embrace the qualities of the dragon, and set the sky as the limit.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Dave Horton, global head, Hilton Hotels & Resorts participates in an authentic Chinese New Year celebration Tuesday, January 17, at Washington Hilton. (Photo courtesy Hilton Hotels & Resorts)

Hilton Hotels & Resorts executives Mike Williams, vice president, brand performance support; Dave Horton, global head; and Andrew Flack, vice president, global brand marketing, stand before a ceremonial dragon designed for Hilton by an artist in China. (Photo courtesy Hilton Hotels & Resorts)

The celebration included the debut of a custom, 40-foot dragon designed for Hilton in China. Hilton is welcoming both the Year of the Dragon and the growing number of international Chinese travelers with special holiday amenities at the 62 hotels in 15 countries offering Hilton Huanying, a program tailored for Chinese guests. (Photo courtesy Hilton Hotels & Resorts)

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