Fashionable Life: Union of Angels

by Editorial

District-based clothing label releases fall line and spring ready-made pieces.
By Tyler Sullivan

Stefanie Ball in Union of Angels by Cindy Bapst. Courtesy Photo.

Local label Union of Angels, created by founder Cindy Bapst, will feature its new fall collection at Atlanta’s Show premiere, February 2-5; including a selection of Spring 2012 pieces.

The line, derived from influences of equestrian Virginia countryside and bohemian ease, was described at the Southern Designers Collection in NYC as having “a holiday in the Hamptons feel, full of white lightweight cotton and linen dresses, tops and skirts.”

The new collection stays close to clean and crisp staples, while noting the edge and daring nature that will accompany 2012.

Style guru and PR rep for Union of Angels, Stefanie Ball, a native of the DC area, models the latest UofA designs in their new commercial, giving viewers a sneak preview of the premiere and what is to come.

To see more of the new Union of Angels lines and to get more information on the coming Atlanta premiere, visit their website here.

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